Web Video / Project: Library

The official poster.

Project: Library is a four-part action/comedy YouTube series created by TimH and Jack Howard (as well as many other Youtubers) that premiered in October 2013.

Michael Foster is in a LOT of trouble. Seems that he never returned Rory the Dinosaur to the Battersham Library...which he checked out in the '80s. The library, which is in serious debt, and run by the totally crazy Troy Bennet, decides to collect on Michael's overdue fees, which add up to a million pounds (not dollars). At first Michael brushes off the library's calls, but when they kidnap his ex-girlfriend, shhhh gets real.

You can watch the trailer here.

The main series, hosted on Tim's channel:
  1. “Overdue”
  2. “Dinosaur”
  3. “Collateral Damage”
  4. “The Final Chapter”

There are also several tie-in shorts, behind-the-scenes thinngs, interviews, and other fun stuff hosted on the Multiverse channel to promote the series:

Has an official tumblr.

Tropes present in this series include: