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Web Video: Movie Dorkness
The Agony Booth's Resident Danenote 
Sofie Liv Pedersen (Often known as just Sofie Liv) is a video and text reviewer for the Agony Booth and host of the show 'Movie Dorrkness', (formerly the 'Red Suitcase Adventures'). Known for her thick Danish accent, passion for the theater, and love of Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and Studio Ghibli. She conducts her show with a laid-back air and enthusiasm for her work and the subjects she reviews.

As of September 2014, Sofie has started a new segment on Indie Games called "The Positive Gamer Woman." This came about due to her new found interest in the Independent Games community (and Videogames in general) and as a response to the "GamerGate" incidents of Mid-to-Late 2014.

She can be found on Blip and The Agony Booth as well as on her Facebook page.

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