Web Comic / Chicken Wings


"The secret of running a successful charter operation? It's all about the staff, let me tell you! First you need a reliable pilot, with discernment, smart, well dressed and above all, capable. Then a mechanic that's quick, savvy, resourceful and a team-player. And last but not least, you need a dispatcher and assistant with great people skills, who's dependable and quick on the uptake. I know this all from first hand experience, of course. Because, believe me, I wish somebody would have told me the secret before I hired what I am stuck with now!"

Chicken Wings is a webcomic by aviation enthusiasts Michael and Stefan Strassers. It focuses on a small air company Roost Air staffed by anthropomorphic flightless birds. The central characters usually are Giftedly Bad overenthusiastic pilot Chuck and the mechanic Julio, who ends up cleaning the mess. The third employee is a secretary Sally, who ends up doing dispatcher job despite knowing nothing about aviation (or any machinery except coffee maker). The owner is woefully incompetent obese miser Hans. Other characters include clients clueless enough to deal with Roost Air and employees of neighboring (somewhat more efficient) air companies. Most strips are self-contained gags, but occasional storylines may last a few weeks.

Contains examples of: