Web Animation / C Students


Penny: I got a C...
August: Oh... Well when you put it like that you make it seem like the worst thing ever.
Kevin: You got a C too? Wow. And here I thought you were smart.

C Students is a 2014 animated web series created by AnimatedJames on YouTube. The story focuses on the three main characters August, Penny, and Kevin, three friends just trying to make their way through high school and all its perils, including, but not limited to: Alpha Bitches, relationships, sex, batshit insane teachers, creepy twins, Italian bullies, swearing, and Chuck Jones cartoon physics.

C Students is based off of an 11 minute short called Cancer Crusaders. Cancer Crusaders was intended as the pilot to a series called Seniors. Seniors was about seven main characters, all high school seniors, and were fictitious versions of the voice actors themselves. Being an independent project, however, Seniors went through Development Hell because of many factors, including voice actors taking forever to record their lines, recording their lines with shitty hardware, James not hearing back from the people involved for months at a time, and many more. Because of this, creator James Barkley decided to cancel Seniors, and give it new life in the form of C Students, which is supposed to be easier to manage and create, having less people involved.

The series was cancelled in an announcement from James during March of 2015, as he felt that he was ignorant about the subject of friendship. No remakes have been announced, and only a pilot and some of episode two have been released. Later, on February 2, 2016, James made a new animation, a music video called "Creative Types," which featured the characters of C Students a few years later.

Later the same month, it was announced that the characters who appear in Creative types would be the focus of a Web Comic.

This series provides examples of: