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Web Animation: CCC
Vinnie Veritas' CCC is a flash series hosted on Newgrounds here and on Vinnie's personal site and a comic hosted here with an english translation available here and is centered around the CCC city, aka The City of Opportunities.

The comic is about a newcomer to CCC named Lucio and follows his exploits around the city as he meets up with colourful characters and gets involved with some of the various shenanigans that are part of everyday life for the denizens, with the flash animations as a sort of supplement, and are focused on other characters, often with no connection to the main story.

A strange and fun combination of Real Life, fantasy, sci-fi and Mexico rolled up into a multitude of short and micro stories, combining the relatively mundane and slice of life bits with action packed scenes like people fighting robots, sword fights and giant snooker balls, not to mention complicated high school love stories, giant kite mishaps and the ubiquitous blimps that populate the CCC city itself and which are a symbol for the series.

It's probably best to see it for yourself.

The flashes are specially notable for having a pretty unique soundtrack consisting mainly of Spanish rock and pop songs and for the diverse character designs the series has. Most of the people in the CCC universe are only seen for a second or two before they're gone, yet they still seem to have a life of their own and feel unique and interesting, leaving a lasting impact.

inofilm has adapted Rush ++ into a short live action video.

Not related to the Chaos Computer Club in any way.

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alternative title(s): CCC
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