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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
The Shining
In the novel, the picture window never breaks.
The window that has all the Faux Shadowing towards being broken survives the boiler explosion. It is shielded from shattering by a miraculous confluence of events and a heavily faulty frame, and the pane itself ends up slicing into a dense snow drift some ways away completely undamaged.

The Overlook Hotel is an entity like 1408...
... only all grown up.

Ulman and Watson knew the Overlook was haunted.
The way they talked to Jack about it was like they were hiding something. Scandals are one thing, but they seemed frightened by what they are hiding.

Ulman not only knows about the hauntings, he has made a deal with the entity and all it's ghostly representations.
He feeds it souls and psychic energy and they don't bother his guests for the summer season, save fore a few glimpses. Why else would the hotel be somewhat normal in the summer, but piss your pants scary in the winter?
  • That might also explain why the Overlook did not become profitable until after Ulman took over as the manager, despite already having been around for decades at that point.

The Overlook is the nesting site of a powerful Bane spirit.
The "burial ground" explanation was a mistranslation by the white settlers. Unfortunately when the hotel was built, the native protesters who were killed included the Uktena Bane Tender who was keeping the... thing sleeping under the earth.

The Overlook was built by the True Knot
They wanted to make a conduit that could harvest as much Shining Steam as possible. However, somewhere along the line the energy from the Shining somehow gave the Overlook a mind of its own. Not that it mattered to the True Knot. However after the boiler blew, they had to find other means of harvesting it.
  • This would help explain the hotel's intense interest in Danny, who presumably had some very strong steam.
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