Funny / The Shining

  • Stanley Kubrick's films are usually not very funny, but the film critic David Thomson has argued that The Shining is the funniest film Kubrick ever made. The sheer richness of Jack's insanity, and the gleeful relish with which Jack Nicholson tackles the role, especially after Wendy's discovered that Jack's "novel" consists of nothing but pages and pages of paper covered with "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", makes for something that manages to be both very frightening and freaking hilarious. Come on, tell me you didn't laugh at "Heeeeeeere's JOHNNY!"
  • Dick Halloran describing the problem they're having with the people that they hired to watch the hotel.
    "They turned out to be unreliable assholes."
  • As pointed out by Brad Jones, at one point during the famous stairwell confrontation with Wendy, Jack goes from acting like a slavering lunatic to acting exasperated and annoyed with Wendy for not giving him the bat, and the sudden, if brief, shift in his demeanor is pretty funny.
  • The bar scene. After recovering from his current daze, Jack then looks directly at the camera (as though he's addressing the viewer) and says in an uncharacteristically casual tone:
    "Hi Lloyd. [Glances around the empty bar] A little slow tonight, isn't it?"
  • During the party scene, when Grady spills advocaat onto Jack, Jack says, "Looks as though you might have got a spot of it on yourself, there, Jeevesy old boy" and slaps some advocaat onto his back.
  • Just like most of the unintentionally funny moments in the film, this merits as one of them. During the scene when Jack is trying to break the bathroom door to get to Wendy and says "Little Pigs, Little Pigs, Let me come in." Wendy, realizing she can't get out the window grabs the knife and cowers in the corner with an expression saying "Oh fuck this shit" as if she were too tired to deal with the situation.
  • In the novel, Jack and Wendy make a winking Double Entendre over the time Jack trimmed a woman's topiary for some extra cash. Danny innocently asks if the woman had "nice hedges," and has no idea why his parents are both sent into hysterics by it.