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The Last Guardian is a prequel of Shadow of the Colossus
  • The boy in the game is one of the people who used to live in the Forbidden Land, and the creature, Trico, is a young 'Colossus', in a state of life before it becomes somehow tied to a certain area of the land. By releasing it, the boy has messed with this cycle, and this will be part of the 'story'. The title, 'The Last Guardian', refers to Trico itself in that the other Colossi have already been 'tied down' to an area of the world and Trico is the only one who has not. Judging by the size of the world and that the Colossi are all guarding specific structures, Trico was meant to be the Guardian of the central Temple from SotC.

The Last Guardian is a Sequel to ICO
  • I could have sworn that Word of God states that Ico's Horns being broken was symbolic of Ico redeeming Wander's sins. If this is true, then with the Queen being dead any number of unsavory forces could have taken over the territory where Ico takes place, maybe even using whatever magic was left in The Castle. I don't know how the baby Griffin thing factors into it(possibly whoever controls the smokemen is trying to create life or something), but the boy looks like he could be related to Ico(minus horns) and if he is, it may be the reason he is capture by the Smokemen. And in a overwhelming subversion, The griffin and the boy will survive to the end, only for find everyone else in the world dead!

The final boss will be a Colossus.
Given that the main feature of the game is working with the giant Griffon, the ideal of fighting a creature that even dwarfs Trico is to epic to pass up.

The story will lead into ICO, and reveal how the castle came to be.
The soldiers are the precursors to the Smokemen, possessing armor before merely being the living shadows they are known for being.

Either the boy dies or Trico dies.
  • Bonus points if one of them kills the other.
    • Double points if they both kill each other.
  • As said in Zero Punctuation Trico is too adorable to survive a Team Ico game.
    • Which is a bit of a strange assessment considering Ico, Yorda, Agro and even Mono are all alive by the end of their respective games.
  • Penny Arcade: Theories.
  • The reason team members are quitting is because they're sick of killing off loveable characters and refuse to do it a third time.
    • Alternately, the game manages to keep them both alive to the end, and the quitting team members are just those who think True Art Is Angsty. *Hope Spot*

The Last Guardian will become the next Duke Nukem Forever.
Something bad or dramatic/important will happen on a bridge, involving a separation with the griffon-monster.
  • It'd follow from what happened in both Ico (the bridge outside the gate splits in two, Yorda is captured by the Queen and Ico falls into the moat) and in Shadow Of The Colossus (the bridge to the final Colossi collapses and Agro helps Wander across before falling to his not-really-dead-death). In those times the player was separated from said companion so it could happen again as a running theme.

The Last Guardian is going to be released on PS4.
  • When you think about it, it makes a fair amount of sense. While 2011 wasn't exactly the end of the 7th generation, TLG was still very early in development at the time of its announcement. Considering the fact that there wasn't much said afterwards, it's entirely possible the devs took the safer route and started programming it for PS4 and are going to announce it again at a later date.

The boy was originally intended to be a sacrifice to Trico.
Two things: Human Sacrifice has been a motif in both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, and the game's Japanese title is "Trico the Man-eating Eagle". I'm about 95% certain the boy was intended to be eaten by him initially for reasons we won't find out until the game drops (maybe whatever force is controlling the guards ordered it?), but somehow they bond in spite of that.