Trivia / The Last Guardian

  • Creator Backlash: Even though its clear from gameplay footage the giant baby griffin and boy care about each other very much, Team ICO are not happy to comment upon the relationship between Trico and the boy. Stating its up to the viewer, the audience, to interpret whatever they wish beyond their hostile-first-meeting.
  • Development Hell: Good lord. Progress on the game has been incredibly slow, featuring several false starts, Ueda announcing that he's leaving Team Ico (though committed to finishing it via contract), and false news of cancellation due to a lack of information.
    • For context on just how long it spent in development hell, keep in mind that the game started development for the PlayStation 2.
  • Dueling Games: With Microsoft's Scalebound. Both are games involving human protagonists accompanied by giant monsters set in a fictional world. Both are to be released in 2016 exclusive to the opposing console.
  • Saved from Development Hell: Sony's conference in E3 2015 gloriously confirmed that the game is still alive with a seven minute gameplay trailer. Not only that, the game is set for a 2016 release. For many gamers, it was unquestionably the highlight of 2015's E3.
    • E3 2016 confirmed it: after easily a decade, the game is due for October 2016. It's anyone's guess if it meets the date, but it's progress. Current date is December 6th, BTW.