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Benny has a long-lost twin sister
Namely, Grandma Magdalena from Wizards of Waverly Place. They're both portrayed by Belita Moreno, and they both have a grandson named Max. This, of course, means that George and Theresa are cousins, and the Russo kids are distant cousins of the Lopez kids. No wizardry in George's family, though, since it's the mortal side of the family.
  • In an interesting twist, Theresa and Veronica's mom are both portrayed by Maria Canals Barrera. So...the Russo kid's are related to George AND part of Angie's family.
    • Additionally, both Ernesto Cardenas and Muy Macho are played by Valente Rodriguez.

MacLeod was immortal.
Beni gave him that name because he seemed to survive anything that was thrown at him (from pickup trucks to seemingly lethal volumes of alcohol), but didn't really believe that he was A) immortal and B) outside the burning building. While B could have been true, the guess assumes that it was not, thus requiring A to be the case.
  • I thought his name was McCloud.

Benny is an older Haruhi Suzumiya.
George's misery is all because she wished for it. Angie would be the Kyon, George the Mikuru, and Ernie the Itsuki.

Ernie is gay
He's in his late 30s/early 40s, has trouble with women, is sensitive, and there was the What If Episode where he and George are a gay couple. George realizes he likes Angie and it makes Ernie cry. In the second to last episode when George imagines Max working at the plant, he tells Ernie he'll marry a rich male swimsuit model, to which Ernie replies "How rich?"
  • Jossed. Ernie's shown a very clear and legitimate interest in women, especially Angie. Furthermore, George was the one having the dream, not Ernie. He was lucid dreaming. Ernie's actually the Bill Dauterive of this show's universe, except the writers actually cut him some slack.

Jason leaving that final time was a case of Laser-Guided Karma.
What really when on during that episode where Carmen got to choose between sex and a car is that she manipulated her parents into getting a car. She never wanted sex in the first place. She didn't include Jason in her plan because she thought he would blow it. She tried this again in Jason's final appearance but it backfired on her. Karma decided that twice was just one time too many.

Jason ran off because he was afraid of commitment
When you think about it this makes sense, several times Jason does not react well to Carmen wanting to take things further in their relationship. He gets turned off when she mentions him in her Quinceanera speech, does not like kissing her in public, originally didn't want to be seen with her in school, cheated on her for a month for no reason, etc. Carmen choosing a car over sex was probably payback for all of those things. To the above WMG. I think him leaving was less karma and more him showing his true colors-he never really wanted a real relationship with Carmen-if he truly cared about Carmen, he would've stuck around to try and talk some sense into her(or at least ask George and Angie to do it) but he ran away at the mere suggestion of commitment from her.

Benny's crime with her gun "Harriet" was accidentally shooting a dog
In the episode "Wrecking Ball" Benny mentions how she accidentally killed a dog with a "New Year's Eve bullet", that seems likely to be the crime she was referring to when she got rid of her gun.

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