Fridge / The George Lopez Show

Fridge Brilliance

  • Danny boy, a lazy worker voiced by Lopez, always called into work with hilarious phone calls, making excuses for not being there. This eventually stops, and seems like Chuck Cunningham Syndrome, but considering he never showed up, he was actually probably fired.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke in 'George Drives the Batmobile', where the Mexican drive thru worker has the exact same voice as Danny Boy. Makes sense that someone with a shoddy work record like him would wind up in fast food, huh?
  • Accident Amy also gets a Chuck Cunningham Syndrome too. Since she's accident prone, it's possible she's on work leave. Could be counted as Fridge Horror as well, but if there was an In-Universe explanation it'd be Played for Laughs.
  • In one episode Benny says she drinks to the point where the man she's interested in looks like Tom Selleck. She drunkenly makes out with Angie's dad in one episode, and he kinda resembles him, as well as other men she's dated on the show.
    • I'm assuming you mean "has a mustache" when you say Vic and other men Benny has dated actually resemble Tom Selleck?
  • When Max has his birthday party, George says he never had one and ends up meeting H.R. Pufnstuf, one of his favorite shows as a child. Since George had a crappy childhood, it makes sense he'd like a show where a child lives in a fantasy world.
  • In the pilot episode George makes jokes that Carmen's adopted. While this his way to tell her to be truthful, it has some Reality Subtext since Carmen's actress is the only main cast member who's not Hispanic. (She's Albanian)
  • In the episode "George Helps Ernie See The Cellulight"" Ernie becomes too fat to do his job, and George realizes his overeating is due to anxiety about dating after he got his own place. There are a couple events that could've triggered it. In the episode where he moves out, he's waving to a girl outside and George calls him a creepy guy upstairs. In the Christmas episode that same season, George and Angie become marriage counselors at church and Ernie asks for help with dating. George says it'd take a miracle to help him. Ernie's sensitive as it is, so George's comments were more than likely nails in the coffin.
    • Ernie does start gaining weight after he gets his own place, but it's established as a Freudian Excuse so women will reject him before he makes the first move. His mother is a Big Eater, who is seen eating an entire box of sugary cereal in one sitting before passing out. Now that he has his own place, he doesn't have to compete with his mother over food anymore. He can now eat all he wants.
      • He also helped her into and out of the bath tub, which was a two man operation. He probably burned plenty of calories doing that.
  • In "Sabes Gay, It's George's Fantasy Episode," where George imagines himself and Ernie as a gay couple, we don't see Benny at all in his dream. Benny's not very open-minded, so it's possible she disowned him for being gay.
  • Emilina, Angie's mother and Vic's ex-wife, passed away in the last season. She cheated on and later divorced Vic, who is a cardiologist. What did Emilina die of? A heart atrack. Karma, perhaps?

Fridge Horror

  • Discussed in "George Helps Ernie See The Cellu-Light." If Ernie didn't lose weight, he could end up as big as his mom. She's morbidly obese, and except from the waist down she isn't seen. Her size is Fridge Horror in itself.
    • He could fit in her pants so he wasn't very far off.
      • Ernie's mom is big enough that she's too lazy to pick something off the ground she dropped and needs help getting into the tub. It's possible she doesn't leave the house anymore and that those pants don't fit her anymore.