Heartwarming / The George Lopez Show

  • Any time George and Benny share a tender moment. They're rare and that's what makes them beautiful.
  • The final episode as a whole.
  • George telling Carmen that he loves her just as much as Max.
  • George throwing Angie a vow renewal ceremony.
    • To elaborate; George takes over arranging the ceremony for her. He then has his boss pretend to get married and hire Angie to plan it, instructing him to take all her suggestions, resulting in a wedding full of everything she wants. All the while, George shows off a ton of spectacularly bad ideas for the ceremony, acting like he really plans on doing them. On the day of the ceremony, Vic shows up just when Angie's panicking that the supposed bride and groom aren't there, holds out a bouquet, and explains everything to her.
    Vic: George did this all for you.
  • Everyone (sans Max) reacting to Carmen running away; George has a My God, What Have I Done? reaction (since he's essentially the reason she ran away in the first place) and vows to find her, Angie calls around as much as she can to search for her and even Benny gets angry at the police for not doing enough to search for her.
  • Seeing the entire Lopez-Palmero family (and Ernie) hanging out and having fun at the beginning of "George's Relatively Bad Idea" is really heartwarming, especially considering what they're usually like. Even their sarcasm is light-hearted and friendly!
    George: (after listing dinosaurs on a quiz question asking which one was a meat-eater) C'mon mom, think back! Which one did you fight for food?
    (Benny rolls her eyes)
    Linda: None, they all died when your head blotted out the sun!
    (Everyone laughs and George rolls his eyes)
    Benny: Now that's what it feels like to be a proud mother!
    • And later, George confides in Ernie that he's finally got the big happy family he's always dreamed of having.
  • When Max destroys Angie's stock of beauty products, the Lopez family is left $17,000 in debt. The next day, upon hearing of the fiasco, Ernie gives George a couple thousand dollars to try to help.
    • The Powers Brothers showed a lot of hesitation when informing George they couldn't help him. They even admitted they felt like crap that they would be violating company policy if they did help him. As greedy as they are, they genuinely do care for George as a friend.
    • Benny was so concerned, she was willing to go to Manny to get George the money he needed.
  • "The Trouble With Ricky": George, having had it with Ricky and his destructive ways, told him to never see Max again. Then he sees Ricky's mom drunk in the morning. He immediately lets him back into his house.
    • Ernie was willing to adopt Ricky to give the kid a good home.
  • George and Vic bringing Vic's brother/Angie's Uncle to the United States when he sailed off from Cuba, especially just in time for her and George's anniversary.
    • Angie's gift to George: a mixtape of the songs they listened to when they started dating, George is touched.
  • Subtle on from George in "The Kidney Stays in the Picture".
    George: There's only two reasons a boy would want to smell nice: Either he likes a girl or he likes a boy. You don't have the abs to get a boy, so what's her name?
  • At the end of "George Doesn't Trustee Angie's Brother", when Veronica when she laments that her mother is dead and her father is a scumbag who only wanted her money, feeling that she has nobody to turn to, George lets her know that she can turn to him.
    Veronica: Thanks for looking out for me.
    George: See? That's what I do. I protect my family. As long as you're in this house, sabes qué? You're under my wing.