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It will turn out there's a point to the First and Second Laws, and at some point it will blow in the faces of Khalul and Bayaz.
  • The Bloody Nine is the reason you should never break The First Law. It IS from the other side.

Shenkt from Best Served Cold is/was the celebrated Union King Casimir.

Vitari's pet name for him is "Cas" (also a name given to one of their children), and it is kind of striking that Bayaz seems to have a particularly low opinion of King Casmir in the First Law books, referring to him as a coward. It seems plausible that Casmir/Shenkt was like the kings after him, one of Bayaz's pawns, but unlike the kings after him, was allowed to be more of an equal in power (hence the sorcerer/cannibal abilities). Eventually, Casmimir/Shenkt refused to comply with Bayaz's demands and became a Defector from Decadence- hence why Bayaz refers to him as a coward and chose more maleable kings in the future, like Jezal.

Bayaz is an Eater.

Well, it is not clear exactly when he became one, if he did, but notably, at least two of his students (Shenkt and Yoru-Sulfur) are Eaters. The scene which raises questions of this is in The Heroes, wherein Bayaz psychs out Calder by eating a feast of meat in the midst of heaps of corpses. The meal is served by Yoru-Sulfur, and Bayaz's glee at the meal is very similar to the enjoyment Shenkt is shown to derive from eating human flesh. When asked about the feast, Abercrombie said Bayaz was eating something, which doesn't prove this theory, but doesn't joss it either. And perhaps most importantly, Bayaz is such a lying hypocrite to begin with that his becoming an Eater to gain more power would be totally in-character.