Awesome / The First Law

The First Law Trilogy

  • When Bayaz breaks Sult's furniture as proof of his Magi...ness...
  • Logen and Ferro's first moment as Bash Brothers when they fight Goyle's Practicals, leading to an epic chase across the Agriont's rooftops.
    • The trend continues in the second book, when they battle their way through the Shanka-infested caverns beneath Aulcus.
  • Collem West earning his Name from Black Dow, albeit in a rather nosey fashion.
  • You can't help but feel for West a bit when he finally made a clear decision of his own, and pushed an asshole-idiot of a prince that tried to rape a woman downhill to his death.
  • Glokta's defense of Dagoska, which involves him rallying the downtrodden natives in exchange for expelling the Union merchants from their temple, turning the city into a stronghold in the span of only a few days, and dealing heavy casualties to the Gurkish army, despite being massively outnumbered.
  • Logen and his allies stalling Bethod's army in the High Places for a whole week before the Union arrives, in a fight that is reminiscent of the Battle of Helm's Deep.
  • When Logen defeats Fenris the Feared in a duel of epic proportions.
    • "Yes."
  • Jezal telling the commander of the Gurkish army to fuck himself, which doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • The correct answer is always Glokta killing Practical Frost in a single paragraph with his sword cane, effortlessly.
  • When Logen and his Carls scream and bang their weapons to shields, scaring the Gurkish into dropping their arms.
  • When Bayaz is using the Seed he burns an Eater simply by telling him to do so
  • Glokta, when Bayaz is once again bragging about how he's masterminded everything and always will, tells him to shut the hell up and get to the bloody point already. There's a reason our dear Inquisitor is one of the very few people Bayaz seems to respect, to a certain degree.
  • Ferro killing Mamun with her bare hands after being empowered by the Seed.
  • "What's my name? White Dow?"
  • The miserable Glokta gets his when he finally does the decent thing and saves Ardee's life through marriage, instigating his first and only decent act in the whole story.

Best Served Cold

  • Every fight Shenkt gets into is completely one-sided in his favor, demonstrating that his reputation as the world's best assassin is not exaggerated. Though being an Eater doubtlessly helps quite a lot.
  • Monza and Cosca fighting General Ganmark together.
  • Cosca, despite being introduced as a barely functioning alcoholic, really is on top of his game in this book. Highlights of his Magnificent Bastardry include:
    • Making his triumphant return after being assumed dead in Visserine and reclaiming his title as Captain General of the Thousand Swords.
    • Allowing Monza to win the battle of Ospria after seemingly betraying her to Orso.
    • Overcoming his addiction, but keeping it a secret from everyone else, which saves him from Morveer's poison and leads directly to the latter's well-deserved demise.
  • At the end of the novel, Monza turns down both Yoru Sulfur and Ishri, demonstrating that she won't bow to Bayaz, Khalul or anyone else.
    • This leads to an Offscreen Moment of Awesome for her in the later books: In The Heroes, we learn that Bayaz was so enraged about Monza defying him that he declared all-out war on her. By the time of Red Country, she has successfully driven the Union forces out of Styria.

The Heroes

  • Any time Gorst decides to start fighting, especially his duels with Scale and Whirrun.
  • Finree bargaining an exchange of prisoners after she's been captured by the Northmen, impressing even Black Dow with her Nerves of Steel.
  • Calder dealing a crushing defeat to the Union's cavalry, despite having no previous military experience.
  • Although it turns out to be a Senseless Sacrifice, General Jalenhorm charging through the Northmen's ranks and engaging Black Dow himself in single combat is pretty awesome. He would have won the fight if Craw had not intervened.
  • "I'm no dog."
  • Calder out-gambitting Bayaz at the end of the book. To clarify - Bayaz has brutally informed Calder that the latter holds the throne of the North at his sufferance, and put him in his place as just another pawn; to ease the sting, Bayaz hands over Scale, the only thing standing between him and kingship. Instead of having his brother killed to seize the throne, Calder gives the crown to Scale, who doesn't know about Bayaz's threats and wouldn't care if he did, and rules from behind the curtain. Made doubly awesome because it's also something of a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.

Red Country

  • Lamb/Logen throughout the entire book. Beating Glama Golden, going back for his friend, winning every single fight he gets into in the entire book? It's official, Logen Ninefingers is the biggest badass in the series...which is a real bloody shame, as he wanted to avoid all of it.
  • The whole Sangeed negotiation, starting with ‘I’ve a better offer,’ and ending with this gem of exchange: The Ghost’s eyes moved from the head to Lamb’s face, and he bared his teeth and hissed out, ‘We will be coming for you! Before dawn, in the darkness, we will be coming for you!’ ‘No.’ Lamb smiled, his teeth and his eyes and the blood streaked down his face all shining with the firelight. ‘Before dawn . . .’ He squatted in front of Locway, still held helpless. ‘In the darkness . . .’ He gently stroked the Ghost’s face, the three fingers of his left hand leaving three black smears down pale cheek. ‘I’ll be coming for you.’
  • Lamb and Savian teaming up to fight Cosca's mercenaries. It takes Cosca firing a cannon at the building they're in to finally stop them, and even that doesn't kill Logen.
  • Shy and Temple stealing the Dragon People's gold from Cosca and escaping in an armored carriage, which is followed up by a truly magnificent Chase Scene.
  • Temple's gambit to get the Company of the Gracious Hand leave Crease without bloodshed. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny when it's revealed that the Inquisition and their mercenary thugs were scared out of their wits by a washed-up actor and some random guys in fancy theatre costumes.
  • Temple delivering a calm, but scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Cosca at the end of the book. Note that he does this in the middle of a Mexican Standoff, knowing that Cosca has completely lost it at that point and could kill him any time.