Awesome: The First Law

Obviously rare, given the tone and setting, but there are one or two.
  • Rare..? That all depends on whether or not you're a sadistic bastard — if you are, half the damn books are MADE from these, and the other half consist of setups for Crowning Moments of Awesome.
  • When Logen and his Carls scream and bang their weapons to shields, scaring the Gurkish into dropping their arms.
  • When Logen defeats Fenris the Feared in a duel of epic proportions.
    • "Yes."
  • When Bayaz breaks Sult's furniture as proof of his Magi...ness...
  • The correct answer is always Glokta killing Practical Frost in a single paragraph with his sword cane, effortlessly.
  • When Bayaz is using the Seed he burns an Eater simply by telling him to do so
  • Collem West earning his Name from Black Dow, albeit in a rather nosey fashion.
  • Any time Gorst decides to start fighting
  • "I'm no dog."
  • Glokta, when Bayaz is once again bragging about how he's masterminded everything and always will, tells him to shut the hell up and get to the bloody point already. There's a reason our dear Inquisitor is one of the very few people Bayaz seems to respect, to a certain degree.
  • Calder Out Gambitting Bayaz at the end of The Heroes. To clarify - Bayaz has brutally informed Calder that the latter holds the throne of the North at his sufferance, and put him in his place as just another pawn; to ease the sting, Bayaz hands over Scale, the only thing standing between him and kingship. Instead of having his brother killed to seize the throne, Calder gives the crown to Scale, who doesn't know about Bayaz's threats and wouldn't care if he did, and rules from behind the curtain. Made doubly awesome because it's also something of a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Temple's gambit to get Company of Gracious Hand leave Crease without bloodshed, near the end of A Red Country.
  • Lamb/Logen in A Red Country. Beating Glama Golden, going back for his friend, winning every single fight he gets into in the entire book? It's official, Logen Ninefingers is the biggest badass in the series...which is a real bloody shame, as he wanted to avoid all of it.
  • You can't help but feel for West a bit when he finally made a clear decision of his own, and pushed an asshole-idiot of a prince that tried to rape a woman downhill to his death.
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