Heartwarming: The First Law

  • Ardee's conversation with Glokta after he marries her, about how she's going to take care of her husband. Granted, given the setting, just about anything could be a CMOH, but this one was especially sweet.
    • Also, the proposal scene; Glokta's babbling about how this is the best way to keep her safe now that she's carrying Jeskal's child, and while she's rather taken aback she clearly appreciates what Glokta's doing for her.
    • The Heroes Calder allows Scale to become king, over his own ambitions.
    • Also from The HeroesBeck returning home in the end, deciding he'll be better off leading a quiet life.
  • Major Spoiler for A Red Country, but... Shivers deciding to declare Lamb/Logen dead and go home. It may be just be fear of Logen, it may be him shaking loose a bit from Calder's leash, or it may be the only act of compassion from Shivers in damn near two books.
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