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Quite apart from the obvious similarities in personality and hang-ups, there is some telling evidence for this. He obviously hates teaching and isn't even good at it, so it's anyone's guess what he's doing working at a high school - unless he's trying to emulate his idol Bill O'Reilly, who, like Chuck, taught history and English before becoming a pundit. Stephen Colbert (the character) majored in history. But the real tells are in the school newspaper episode, "Ask Jerri". We learn that Chuck would far rather be a journalist than a teacher, but hasn't got his big break yet. Could it be as the midday anchor with WPTS Patterson Springs? The moment with the YOU DON'T coffee mug is spookily reminiscent of the Word - or Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo - and then there's the name; Stephen Tyrone Colbert is a near-perfect anagram of Charles Peter Tony Noblet. Stephen loves making Significant Anagrams of names, and as a Catholic, it's pretty much a given that Chuck has at least one middle name. Peter and Anthony, both being saints, are likely choices. And Stephen is known to have used pseudonyms before while doing work that he wouldn't want to be associated with. Caesar Honeybee, Tyrone Hunnibi... and Chuck Noblet?
  • Plus there's Tad the building manager's similarity to Geoffrey Jellineck. Stephen could've just hired him only because they look so much alike, or to replace Geoffrey because he dumped Chuck.
    • Geoffrey died of complications arising from bulimia. That's why he's no longer around. Alternatively, he committed suicide.
    • And Onyx Blackman is now working on his cruise line.
  • And in the last episode of SWC, they go 'back to the streets to sell their bodies'. This ties in very nicely with Butt Classy.
  • Stephen is wearing Chuck's cowboy boots in the "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)" music video.

Blackman knows about Noblet and Jellineck.
He's just screwing with their heads.

The events of the series finale were an Evil Plan by Sarah Blank to rid herself of Jerri forever.
Sarah makes her contempt for Jerri plainly evident from day one, and her frustration probably only increases after Guy dies. No longer wanting to take care of a forty-seven year-old high school student who isn't even hers, Sarah places a call to the School Board to get Flatpoint shut down. Having three seasons of experience in dealing with not only Jerri, but the lunatics around her such as Blackman, Nobelt, and Jellineck, Sarah is able to predict that things will go horribly wrong. She and Derrick are packing up the house during the finale because she's counting on Jerri being unable to locate their new home in all the confusion.