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Harry Tanner is Lucifer
In Demon Knights, which Word of God has confirmed is the first incarnation of Stormwatch, Lucifer is drawn to be extremely similar looking to renegade Stormwatch member Harry Tanner, with red armor and wavy, shoulder-length black hair. What is Harry Tanner's superpower? Super-lying. You might even say he's the prince of lying.

The 19th century Stormwatch in All-Star Western are going to partly comprise the historic background characters from Planetary
Two of the characters in the teaser image showing the eyes of four Stormwatch members are "The Englishman", who seems to have long, dark hair, and "The Lawman", who wears a domino mask. It seems likely that they're going to be Captain Ersatzes of Tarzan and The Lone Ranger. But the Wildstorm universe already had Captain Ersatzes of Tarzan and the Ranger: Jakita Wagner's father Lord Blackstock and William Leather's grandfather the Dead Ranger. So...
  • Partially Jossed; it looks like the Englishman is Adam One/Merlin.
  • Totally Jossed; the Lawman is a new character called the Master Gunfighter.