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Heartwarming: Stormwatch
  • In Stormwatch #40 (volume 1), a terrorist attack has released a mutagen that violently mutates and kills the population of the small England town of Little Brook. The team dispatched to investigate follow the signal of a beacon to a church where they discover that everything is overgrown with human flesh.
    Fuji: We deal in so much horror, my friends, that sometimes we forget how human our goal is. We seek to pull hope from terror — Life from death. If we arrive too late, we assume that horror has won.
    (Breaks open the flesh-wall to reveal human survivors and that the walls were made by the people first hit by the mutagen using their last moments alive in order to to save others.)
    Fuji: We forget that we do not hold the monopoly on hope.
  • Fuji using a Journey to the Center of the Mind to bring Hellstrike out of a coma.

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