Heartwarming / Welcome to Tranquility

  • Henry Hate and Maximum Man were arch enemies. Maximum Man is similar to DC Comics' Captain Marvel in that he is usually an ordinary human until he says his magic word, which he has long since forgotten and has been trying to figure out for years.
    Henry Hate: "I might know a way. I should have done this long ago. I'm sorry." (Unintelligible Whisper)
    Maximum Man: "Thank you, old enemy. Old friend...HECATEAN!"
  • "It's a town not like any other. Young, old, healthy, ill...something about the people here. The children they raised. They're brave. Powers or not, most of them are heroes to me. I'm just their sheriff. I do my best for them and I take the job pretty damn serious. And they repay me with love. Honor. Dignity. Decency. And maybe most wonderful of all...compassion."
  • "Ssshaid... 'nuff dyin'. You... hard on me, because you shawww my family. You cared that they died. I... forgive. Run. LIIIIIIIVVVVE!"