Heartwarming: Planetary

  • The look on Anna Hark's face when she's reunited with James Wilder.
  • Batman's rationale for doing what he does in Night On Earth: he is driven by the memory of his parents' death, to make sure no one else has to go through that pain.
    • The scene where he explains this to the guy they've been chasing all issue is just perfect.
  • If I understood Elijah's session with that hypnotherapy/sorceress person right, she's telling us that the structure of the universe itself, on the most fundamental quantum foam level, tends towards harmony and means us well, as explicit in the emergence of the "century babies"; a counter-entropic agent that necessarily must exist as a function of the laws of physics. The universe, in the form of dry wit on two legs with fancy white pants, is looking out for us. That's a pretty nice thought.
  • The revelation that Elijah saved both Jakita and Drums as kids, as well as saving Ambrose Chase in the finale.
  • After all of his efforts, after a life of struggle, loss, pain and nothing to gain, Elijah Snow finally accomplishes his dream of bettering society with the wonders he and the Planetary crew discover.