WMG: Stoked

the only reason why they made Reef/Lo canon
... was to make the show look less like 6teen.

Lo is not over Reef
And one episode will be about her trying to get over him (with Fin's help of course)

Lo and Reef will get back together
To troll the Reef/Fin shippers
  • Confirmed because They didn't truly break up.

Reef will form a short-lived relationship with Emma
To troll/confuse the shippers.

Lo will treat Reef like crap, but they will not break up.
To spite the Reef/Fin shippers.
  • After 23 episodes of the second season, this prediction is actually looking pretty good.

If a third season is made, one of the plot points will be Fin dealing with her unrequited love for Reef
But a third season seems very unlikely.
  • Additionally, the writers may have planned Reef/Lo thinking that there would definitely be a third season (and thus plenty of time for Reef to get back with Fin), which is why all the Reef/Fin teasing was present. However, ratings seem to have tanked in Canada (as indicated by Teletoon's Cartoon Network-like harsh treatment of the show and Fresh TV's heavy promotion of their new live-action shows) and thus the writers won't get a chance to resolve their storyline. A post-finale hour-long special (similar to 6teen's "Snow Job") could fix this problem.

Stoked takes place in the 6teen universe, but fifteen years in the future.
The Big Kahuna is an adult Jude, and Emma is a teenage Emma Masterson-Garcia Jr.