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Choo-Choo Bear was an early Mewtwo attempt.
Mew"two" was really the fourth or fifth attempt at cloning a Mew. Choo-Choo Bear is obviously a far more evil clone, and must have some sort of space-warping power (he's only a couple of quarts, a gallon at the most, yet he can contain multiple corpses).

The person Davan called when he thought he was about to die was either Aubrey or his father.
The only other likely candidate appears to be PeeJee, but she asks him about it later. As he was facing death, he could drop the Deadpan Snarker shell and leave them with the truth. But said that if he did survive he would deny saying it, and avoid changing his relationships with them.
  • Could have been Branwen.
  • Could also have been Gia or Claire - he says "even though we've grown apart", and he hasn't seen either of them in a very long time.
  • Nancy. She and Davan have had a strong friendship since they met, there appears to have been a fair amount of low-key Ship Tease between them, and since they were living on near-opposite sides of the country, they really had grown somewhat apart.
  • Smart money's on it being Eva...just to piss the readers off.
  • It's going to be Mike. Just kidding! It's probably going to be a newly introduced character, just to make people even more irritated.
    • Could be Bian, from the latest arc.
  • Most likely, R.K. Milholland wrote it without any real idea on who Davan was talking to just for the sake of being a dick.
    • This, of course, is surely the right answer.
      • Isn't this Word of God?
      • But if it's not I bet Branwen.
  • It was obviously Choo Choo Bear.
  • He wanted to poke at his old sociopathic boss one last time.

Aubrey is a vampire.
Think about it: she's pale, dark-haired, evil, bloodthirsty, and sexy. And she NEVER takes off her choker — to hide the bitemarks, perhaps? Sure, we've seen her outside occasionally, but maybe she's the kind of vampire that loses powers in sunlight, rather than being burned.
  • Of course! And that's why she had to adopt a child instead of having her own (No, it's not.) And her allusions to eventually killing Jason aren't part of her/Milholland's sense of humour, but veiled warnings or fears that she will.

Seriously, look at Fluffmodeous' behavior lately and tell me it doesn't look like what someone who was cracking up anyway would hallucinate with it. He's acting as a manifestation of her escalating paranoia and homing instincts, and Kharisma is actually acting reasonably sane as an adaption mechanism. It's only a matter of time before he claws out her throat with her own fingernails now... Oh, and if we drag Umineko: When They Cry into it... Thanks to Fluffmodeous' use of the Red Truth,("I won't let you.") it is now literally impossible for Kharisma to turn herself in.

Mike's ugliness
I have long wondered how Mike's eyes could cover his hair. Then the answer occured to me: His eyballs are not limited to a spherical shape like normal people's, they are retractable and can expand themselves into a variety of shapes. Mike's eyeballs are in fact mushroom shaped, a wide flattened dome upon a snail-like eyestalk. This allows him to keep a curtain of hair in front of his face to protect it while retaining full visibility and peripheral vision (which would otherwise be hampered by that mighty peninsula which serves as a nose).

Davan is actually the bastard lovechild offspring of Randy and the misery monkey.

It explains the faint resemblance between author and character, Randy's insistence that the comic isn't quite autobiographical, and this strip. That would also explain why Davan insists he's a sociopath when all evidence points to him being actually a remarkably generous person (who just happens to sadistically enjoy the suffering of people who aren't close to him). He's trying to live up to the calling of his parent. I wonder if Fred and Faye have told him he's adopted.

Davan and Vanessa are going to marry in a few years.
She's on her way to being the longest lasting relationship Davan's had in the comic and there was one time Pee Jee suggested a family dinner and included Vanessa in her list of people. She's been portrayed as much nicer than any of Davan's exes and there doesn't seem to be anyone who dislikes her. Seems like even if Randy doesn't get married, Davan will.

Twitchy-Hug lives and he is Fluffmodeous.
August 3rd, 2006, notice Panel 6. The silhouette of a cat that wasn't there before and isn't afterwards, the red speech balloon, and after this Kharisma's clothes change color in every panel. Hell, even the bedsheet changes color on 8/9/06. The colors don't shift in 8/12/06, but they start shifting again in the last panel of 8/14/06. The answer is obvious. We saw in the "Anne Rice likes her some Jesus" comic that the Devil is doing God's work by serving as "Bad Cop" to Jesus' "Good Cop". We also eventually see that animals have souls, since Hell contains a ferret rave. Either Twitchy-Hug escaped Hell after ascending to demonhood, or was granted demonhood and sent back to Earth to serve as Kharisma's Shoulder Devil. Either way, Kharisma is now at least partially possessed by a demonic entity. It was probably exposure to Kharisma's soul that transformed Twitchy-Hug the color-shifting cat into Fluffmodeous, annoying hell-spawn. Maybe that's how one attains demonhood, by entering another and corrupting their soul.
  • Alternatively, Fluffmodeous possessed Twitchy-Hug before passing to Kharisma.
  • The 2016 "Old Familiar Faces" suggests that Twitchy-Hug's post-mortem influence is unrelated to Fluffmodeus, and has spread beyond Kharisma.

The super hero storyline will slowly dominate more and more of the comic until it's completely Jumped the Shark and it's entire deliberate
Remeber back when Davan and Mike were doing the catgirl comic and Davan said he prefers to slowly ruin it rather than just let it die and see how long fans hang on for? Same principle. Sure the superhero thing started off reasonable but it's just going to keep escalating until it's out of control.

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