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The Rouge in this comic is not the real Rouge

The real Rouge was kidnapped by this impersonator, who masqueraded as her to ruin her reputaion in the comic's univers. It is most likely that she is in fact a Drakon in disguise, but there are other possibilites.

  • This Rouge is really a Predacon who scanned the real Rouge.
  • Rouge is a Kraang
  • This Rouge is really a member of Shayde's species who copied Rouge's identity and transported her to the Shadow Dimension.
    • Jossed because of the original comics. The Shadow Dimension was destroyed when Sonic and Johnny destroyed its emerald. If "Rouge" was a Shayde, then she wouldn't even appear on Mobius.

Dr. Robotnik will eventually get Bored with Insanity.
  • Somewhat confirmed in the latest issue. Robotnik has recently regained his sanity after his attack on Cyberspace.