YMMV / Something*Positive

  • Anvilicious: Pushes this from time to time, as a number of arcs tend to end in a character getting a lecture about how stupid they are (or how wrong they are for their views or stance on the issue at hand).
    • Special mentions goes to his Author Fillibuster calling out the Salem Is Witch Country Trope. If there wasn't a Wiccan girl spouting a bastardized version of the Salem Witch Trials would you have guessed that you were still reading a webcomic?
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: As well as S*P, the site hosts the occasional comics Super Stupor and Rhymes With Witch (non-S*P bits and bobs, often comics about Milholland himself), S*P 1937 (centred on Davan's great-uncle and namesake) and previously included Midnight Macabre and New Gold Dream, which went on indefinite hiatus because of personal trouble and not enough time for it all.
  • Designated Monkey: Possibly related to the Double Standard. Mike was treated like crap by the main cast for the longest time, but he never engaged in their Comedic Sociopathy.
  • Die for Our Ship: According to Randy in this video, Vanessa's introduction was delayed for four years in order to minimize this. She was initially supposed to be brought in later that year after Davan's break-up with Branwen. She was very popular with the fans, and he didn't want them comparing them unfavourably.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Davan and PeeJee. Devoted to each other, a obviously much better relationship than most of his girlfriends and her boyfriends (both of which are usually crazy or cheating or both) but they stop at Platonic Life-Partners. Milholland gets a lot of mail asking if Davan and PeeJee are going to hook up, so he did a Q&A strip saying no, the woman whom PeeJee is based on asked him not to, and he doesn't see it working, which means more than any amount of "They're meant to be!" emails. Of course, this isn't helped by the amount of Ship Tease Randy puts into the comic to begin with, which he's admitted to putting in to mess with people.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Avagadro complaining about the lack of specific torments in hell is meant to showcase his monster and Depraved Bisexual status. But then again, the fact that he wants these torments (as indicated by the apparent erection he gets when describing them in the 3rd panel), and then being denied them, is Hell's way of inflicting torment upon him!
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Kim's comment in this strip becomes less funny after she rapes Davan.
  • Genius Bonus: PeeJee's dog, Lady Ruthven, shares a name with a character in The Vampyre, the first English-language Vampire Novel. She's a bloodhound.
  • Harsher in Hindsight- This one is a little chilling to read in the wake of the Boston Marathon attacks.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Either this or Harsher, but Fred's response to the Hell House is still oddly prescient.
    Fred: Wait. You don't want teenagers havin' sex but you don't want 'em playin' "Dungeons & Dragons" either? Isn't that like sayin' you don't want 'em to get sick but you'd hate to see them get vaccinations?
  • Hollywood Homely: Despite looking pretty average when compared to the rest of the cast, people treat Davan as if he is one of the most disgusting, grotesque person in all of human creation. One girl actually started screaming in fear when she saw him for the first time. Granted, said woman was Kharisma and the jokes about Davan's appearance disappeared after the first few years.
  • Ho Yay: A number of fans saw this between Davan and Jason. A filler comic confirms that it's just wishful thinking on the slashers' parts.
  • Jossed: This Q&A strip, which firmly answers the question of Davan and PeeJee as a couple, and says the only reason for ship-teasing with them is to mess with people who keep asking.
    "Seriously? Davan and PeeJee? That wouldn't last five minutes."
  • Magnificent Bastard: Randy himself. If you're going to send Randy flame emails, make sure that googling your email address doesn't lead to your phone number/address/embarrassing information about you. This is partly on the YMMV page because this makes him either a Magnificent Bastard or just a petty Jerkass depending on how big a fan of his you are.
    • "Damn you Milholland!" is the fandom's catchphrase for the ability to contrast the Comedic Sociopathy and Black Comedy with the occasional heartwrenching story climax.
    • In-story, Fluffmodeous is starting to shape up like one. Imaginary, perhaps, but still terrifying.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Mike, a whiny, misogynistic jerk who blamed everyone else for his failures. Slowly, he realised that everyone thought he was a asshole, and that they were right and started to change. Even with some backsliding, he was trying to do the right thing and became much more sympathetic.
    • Kharisma, a dimwitted Rich Bitch who lost the money and kept the attitude, entirely self-centred and hated the ugly "little people". Then she scarred her face, went to prison, faced being killed there, was broken out and now leads an off-the-grid semi-criminal life that has knocked the attitude out of her and also made her a sympathetic character. According to Randy: "I have to say I'm surprised by how many people actually look forward to Kharisma strips and more stunned it's not to see her suffer."
  • Schedule Slip: Conventions and other things that take Randy away from home (and sometimes strips that didn't work out or ended up longer than expected) mean he resorts to filler strips often, but tries to make up for it.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Yes, sometimes Milholland ladles it on with a trowel, but a number of times it's entirely justified.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Lampshaded in the tag to the "Lizard Happy" strip (A reaction from someone who knows the author): "Stop trying to give your readers diabetes".
  • Tear Jerker: How Milholland revealed that Faye had died — after having Fred wemble all day the day before about telling her he has Alzheimer's and spend a great day with her.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: There are a lot of side characters in the strip, and a lot of them have these very interesting little bits of history to them, and have complicated private lives. Many of these situations are only explained in Info Dump exposition instead of shown, and thus we miss out on some very good bits.
    • Of particular note are the mess that Davan's ex Eva's life turned into (repeatedly getting back together with an abusive boyfriend while her ex-fiancee chases after her), and his other ex Celie and their weird history (she dumped him once he was no longer "useful to her", and spent their last days setting up her next relationship, then left Monette with an apartment lease and bailed on everyone, only to reappear in a few mini-arcs to interact with the cast).
    • Even Randy openly says there are characters he wished he'd done more with: Eve, Kim and more.
  • What An Idiot: Brad.
  • Word of God: A veritable ton of information is available about the strip and the backstory behind it by Milholland's interviews and commentaries. Just which situations are based off of real events, and which characters are based off of specific people, is often answered.
  • Write What You Know: Among other details, Davan's awful job in Medicaid billing ("I phone people and tell them that while we're sorry their son died in a drive-by shooting, here's an $800 bill for the ambulance") was what Milholland did for a living before S*P became profitable enough to support him.