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Subaru Kujo of Sakura Taisen 5 is bisexual.
When you talk to her early in the game, she'll say that she thinks that genders are meaningless. Add that to the fact that she's Bifauxnen and...
  • Confirmed by a missable scene in the sixth chapter, where Subaru attempts to convince Diana to accept a love confession from a girl because "when you love someone, sex does not matter. You can't control those emotions."
    • One hardly has to be bisexual to be supportive of same sex couples. Indeed it isn't even certain that Subaru is female.

Subaru keeps his/her gender ambiguous because s/he's intersexed.
Speaks for itself, really.
  • There's a lot of evidence for this one.
    • She states at one point, while avoiding a bath in the hot springs with the female characters, that she doesn't like to show her naked body.
    • When the characters are divided by gender for a sleepover, she attempts but fails to get a separate room from the women.
    • Rosita raises the question of, "Is she both?" in regards to her sex.
    • Subaru questions whether she looks feminine enough when she attempts to dress that way for a disguise.
    • A villain who targets women immobilizes the other three party members but leaves Subaru untouched until she comes right at him.
    • She chooses to play boyfriend to Shinjiro in drag and seems just as comfortable doing this as playing girlfriend to him normally.
    • Even after she's fallen for him, she gets angry when Shinjiro happens upon her in the hot springs.

The fact that there was a demon war instead of World War I explains why there is alcohol in Sakura Wars V.
In the real world, one of the factors that led to Prohibition was anti-German sentiment from World War I, that reduced the influence of brewers and saloon owners, who were heavily German. In the world of Sakura Wars, this should not have happened, and it's possible that as a result the US never had Prohibition. This is why the characters in Sakura Wars V in the US can drink alcohol legally, even though the game takes place during what would be Prohibition in our world.

Sakura Wars is the distant past of Bubblegum Crisis.
The Knight Sabers' Hardsuits are an advanced and refined version of the Kohbu, for one thing.

Gemini Sunrise is an ancestor of Serah Farron.
What can I say? They're so much alike.

There will be a new Sakura Wars game announced in 2016 to coincide with the franchise's 20th anniversary.
There's no way Sega would just ignore one of its most popular Japanese franchises during its 20th anniversary.
  • Very unlikely. The franchise has been under massive dormancy for years and hasn't been a profiting IP since late 00s after Sakura Wars V's release. In fact, the only new games since the DS-spinoff were mobile-based, mainly the 2012's card game app by Mobage that included cringeworthy fanservice forced on the girls. Speaking which, they seem to be doing yet another one while discontinuing the former.
    • Not to mention that SEGA now owns Atlus, the similar yet more widely known and well-profiting Persona-dating sims seems to fill in the quota that Sakura Wars used to.
    • There's also the huge competition with today's Fire Emblem since it was retooled to more wider audience and now shares more than a lot elements with Sakura Wars-games now, yet has hit a mainstream status within the Nintendo-properties due critical acclaim and exceptional sales. Sakura Wars seems best left in the past unless there's a way it can distinguish itself from it's more popular competitors. At least the museums are still up and there's the live shows.