Funny / Sakura Wars

  • In the 6th episode of the TV series, Kohran tells Sakura that she eats, sleeps and takes a bath with her koubu. Look at how Sakura imagines herself doing the same thing with her koubu.
  • In the 7th episode of the TV series, the curry scene. Sumire's reaction is pretty funny.
    Sumire: Kohran, what on EARTH is that red stuff?!
    Kohran: It's CHINESE CURRY!
    Sumire: GET IT OUT OF MY SIGHT! That is not how you make curry! (to Sakura) Sakura, is that DAIKON?!
    Sakura: Yes. It makes a delicious marinade.
    Sumire: You'll ruin the whole MEAL with that STUFF!
    Sakura: I thought it would be yummy. I guess not.
  • In 3, after picking Glycine as subcommander, she decides that Ogami is a worthy groom for her. Cue the maids suddenly hogtying Ogami up, even carrying him off like a captured wild boar in one scene! Even Glycine's head maid approves of her choice.
  • Erica's Good Morning Dance and Ogami's reaction to it.
  • In 4, go around and ask the ladies about marriage. It's hard not to laugh at their flustered reactions contrasted with Ogami's obliviousness.
  • In part 3 of Ecole de Paris, guess how Erica wakes up Ogami. She straddles him until he wakes up. She even says that she learned it from Lobelia of all people!
  • Also from part 3 of Ecole de Paris, we have Ogami trying to finish writing his letter. But, while he's trying to do it, Glycine and Lobelia get into an argument, which makes a plate of pastries Erica was about to eat spill onto the ground. Erica's reaction to this is infinitely more hilarous in the English dub:
    Erica: OH GOD WHYYYYY!!!
  • In the English dub of part 1 of Ecole de Paris, we have Glycine's blunt reaction to Erica pulling out one of her machine guns.
    Glycine: Is that what I think it is?
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Kayama's introduction in Sakura Wars 3.
  • If one picks a Tokyo heroine and a Paris heroine in 4, good luck trying not to laugh hard whenever the two heroines encounter each other...with Ogami involved.
  • During chapter 2 of the 3rd game, we have Erica's reasons for wanting to go to the circus:
    Erica: The circus is a very wonderful place. There you will find dreams...and hopes...and love...and a human cannon.
  • In the 3rd game, we have Sakura, Sumire, and Iris's reactions to meeting Erica:
    Sakura: Ogami, is Erica...
    Sumire:...Always like that?
    Ogami: Yeah, she's always like that.
    Iris: Onii-chan, you've got it tough, huh.
  • During Kanna's section of special training in the 3rd game, she warns the Paris Kagekidan members that the paintballs will hurt if they shoot themselves. What does Erica do? She bombards herself with paintballs, just to see if what Kanna's saying is true.
  • Sakura Taisen V. Shinjiro's and Subaru's first date. The graceful Noh dancer dragging Shinjiro around town to play boyfriend to his crossdressing was hilarious.
  • When Cherry and Anri make Shinjiro dress up as a girl for his role in Viva Harlem! in V. If you make Shinjiro say, "I'm the cutest girl here!" Cherry kind of hits on him!
  • EVERYTHING that occurs to Shinjiro when he cross-dress as Peppermint. For example:
    • Once you have control of 'Peppermint', not few steps later, enters a scene where Diana catches her in an act, thinking that Shinjiro's cheating on her. It's more funny that you tell her the truth that you're a which she gets the wrong idea that Shinjiro's gay.
    • Gemini also gets fooled on Shinjiro's disguise. Once she finally realize who Peppermint is, she cries wailing that 'she' is much prettier than her and runs out of her place.
      • Gets worse in the New York OVAs where everyone in the team is trying to convince to dress up as Peppermint.
  • In one scene in 5, Shinjiro and Subaru are following a group of mobsters in order to get evidence of them bribing the mayor. At one point, one of the mobsters notices you and one of the choices to throw off his suspicion is to act like stereotypical Japanese tourists. Seeing Shinjiro and Subaru speak in Japanese Ranguage is hysterical.
  • In chapter 7 of the fifth game, when Shinjiro visits Kayama's shop, Rosita comes barging in, saying that she's there to take everything in the store for Plum. Cue Rosita dragging a wagon full of valuable merchandise out of the shop, much to Kayama's dismay.
  • In chapter 3 of the fifth game, when the New York Combat Revue are are fighting Dokurobo for the second time, they are making their entry with their name, only for Dokurobo to not remember who they are. Even Shinjiro's STAR is face faulting at his stupidity.
    Cheiron: Holy cow are you stupid. She JUST said our name.
  • A combination attack between Subaru and Rosita gets you this exchange:
    Subaru: Attack Pattern Charlie!
    Rosita: (Happily) I do not understand!