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Isles and Bones went to school together
They either got along very well or hated each other's guts
  • I like to think that Bones, and possibly Isles, didn't even consider either option. Whenever they get together again, they launch into any one of a hundred really old debates (or a completely new one) and pick right up where they left off with passionate (as close as it gets for Bones anyway) arguing that has everyone else worriedly backing away, until they see what the time is (lunchtime or something) and instantly drop the heated argument in favour of just popping out for a bite to eat together like old friends.
    • I love this.

Hoyt was going to rape Maura and make Jane watch.
Hoyt had a pattern before he was arrested: he stalked a couple, raped the wife in front of the husband, killed the husband and then the wife. He had no interest in single women or single men, but his obsession with Jane broke his MO for a while: suddenly it was all about breaking Jane any way he could. He terrorized her, but it wasn't really working, not like he wanted it to. Then he met Maura and his original pattern returned. Not only did he see that Maura was different, not the same kind of person he was used to seeing, but also that she meant something to Jane. Maura meant something important to Jane and Hoyt wanted to break Jane, like he wanted to break the husbands, and how did he do that? By raping the women they loved before their eyes; soiling their love with his twisted act. Notice how he was all over Maura while his apprentice was all over Jane? He wasn't going to kill Maura, he was going to rape her and he was going to make Jane watch because he thought that that one act would finally break Jane.
  • While I agree with all of it, Hoyt said he was going to kill Jane and Maura because he wanted company when he died. So I think after he raped Maura he was going to kill her too.

Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles aren't gay
They are (respectively) Maura-sexual and Jane-sexual.

Detective Barry Frost is The Famous Jett Jackson
Besides just being played by the same actor. Like many other child stars, Jet's fame faded with his TV show. He changed his name, moved from North Carolina to Boston and became a police detective.

Rizzoli and Isles survived the events of Revolution.
Not only that, but they went on to become a pair of badass drifters, solving problems in various towns that they came across.

The Rizzles subtext will get lampshaded
During one of there slashy moments, a bystander with ask if they're a couple. The two will just look at each other and give the bystander an unsure shrug.

Maura's realization in the season 5 finale is that she and Jane are in love.
Maura doesn't tell Jane because she needs to figure it out herself.