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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
The final episode of MST3k sees Mike and the Bots escape to Earth and, for lack of anything better to do... start watching a bad movie. RiffTrax reveals that, years later, they're still at it; old habits die hard, after all, and if they're going to keep watching terrible movies, they might as well get some monetary benefit from it, eh? Of course, to avoid unwanted attention, the Bots have to hide the fact that they're robots — hence Tom Servo masquerading as Kevin Murphy and Crow pretending to be Bill Corbett.

All the jokes are canon.
Every line that is said in character and every obscure factoid that is mentioned is canon but was cut from the final movies due to issues regarding pacing, sake of drama, etc.
  • Even the jokes referring to pop culture that didn't exist at the time the film was made?
    • Especially the jokes referring to pop culture that didn't exist at the time the film was made.

Malachai and Ethan Nicolle will guest riff a movie.
Ethan has already done art for a Rifftrax iPad giveaway, and Axe Cop was referenced in the Clash of the Titans riff. No doubt the brothers will guest in a RiffTrax, probably one riffing a superhero movie.

The last riff on the last Twilight movie will be...







  • Unfortunately not but during the "grand finale" of the movie there was a truly epic mass "...line" as the camera pointlessly switches between 20 or so characters.

Reggie from the "Beginning Responsibility" short grew up and became Dan from the "Basic Job Skills: Handling Daily Problems" short.
He became so ashamed of his past behavior that he changed his name, although he kept the same personality.

Disembaudio is the son of Magic Voice and Cambot
After the cast became pure energy at the end of Laserblast, Cambot and Magic Voice (finally being able to physically interact) began an affair. Magic Voice and their child stayed behind when the rest of the crew returned to the S.O.L. Not to worry, they reunited when the S.O.L. returned to Earth.
  • If that's the case, then one of them must have the last name of Baudio, because it's a running gag that all of Dis' relatives are "(Something) Baudio." Even his beloved Nana in The Room introduced herself as Grandma Baudio.

There will be a Bone-Saw joke in The Dark Knight Rises riff
Come on. You'll all see it coming.

The riffers are psychic.
Just look at that Hilarious in Hindsight list on the YMMV page. Unfortunately, they know from their movie expertise that revealing their abilities would have bad results, so instead they sneak small things into their riffs as hints/warnings.
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