Trivia: RiffTrax

  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Almost by definition. Don't fret if it takes you a while to hear Kevin Murphy as himself and not picture a red gumball-machine shaped robot.
    • Admittedly, many fans try to pretend Kevin is a red gumball-machined robot and Bill is a golden beaked robot.
      • It mostly works fine that way, except that it can be disorienting when one of them references something in real life like his family, and you have to remind yourself that they aren't robots on a spaceship anymore.
  • Missing Episode: The guys couldn't get the rights to release their live action riff of Starship Troopers on DVD, necessitating a separate audio recording.
    • This seems to be the default situation for the live episodes from Sony, as Godzilla won't receive a DVD release; instead, they included a gift certificate for the Rifftrax site for supporters in a certain tier to compensate for them having to get a DVD of Godzilla to play the riffs.
    • The DVD release of their "Manos" The Hands of Fate live show removed all references to Manos 2: The Search for Valley Lodge.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: The jokes for the Batman & Robin trax. The live showing of Santa Claus (1959) had one riff by a fan for a contest as well.
  • One of Us: The commentaries feature frequent references to nerdy or geeky activities/interests, unsurprising considering we're their target audience. In the Harry Potter Rifftrax, several jokes were made referencing things that were either only in the books, or hadn't been introduced yet in the films (like a joke involving Horcruxes before the Half-Blood Prince film had been released). In the Lord of the Rings rifftrax, the guys gushed about Middle Earth and its rich history, like Mike giving a detailed explanation of the meaning behind Aragorn's war cry "Elendil!" Video game references are the most frequent and generally occur with the least provocation. Mike makes jokes several times that hint he spent most of his teen years playing NES games, and jokes about more modern video games like Portal get brought up as well, though they have more of a We're Still Relevant, Dammit feel to them sometimes.
    • It seems that Bill Corbett is a dyed-in-the-wool Whovian — during the riff of Dr. Who and the Daleks, he was the one who made riffs about the movie not being canonical, and during a Christmas live-riff show was seen wearing the Fourth Doctor's scarf.
  • Throw It In: If they think a joke is particularly funny the crew will leave their laughter in as opposed to editing it out. During live shows, it can go on for several minutes and almost derail the commentary.
    (After Kevin's "Whoa!" when Santa says to Rudolph "I need you tonight" gets an especially huge response)
    Bill: Well, we lost three lines in that.
    Kevin: It was worth every moment.
  • What Could Have Been: The guys wanted to riff Baffled! and Moment by Moment but they couldn't get the rights.
    • Similarly, they tried to make a live show of The Room but Tommy Wiseau wouldn't let them, not right away at least (Apparently he called their office and yelled at whoever answered the phone.). However, this is changing since they are in fact doing a RiffTrax Live for the movie one on May 6th, 2015, since they raised enough money with the Kickstarter project.
    • They really want to live-riff Miami Connection but Alamo Drafthouse didn't want to license the film to them. However, this changed with the upcoming RiffTrax Live that's coming to theaters on October 1st, since the Kickstarter project raised enough money.