WMG / Paul Williams

Paul Williams is a hobbit.
C'mon, look at him. Other hobbit-ish traits include (former) love of brew, singing of jaunty tunes, and his love of nature as highlighted in numbers such as "Out in the Country" and, particularly, "The Family of Man" (which he wrote as a hobbit observing Men as an outsider) which seems to imply that Man's society will inevitably turn into something resembling Mordor. Also, he seems to age gracefully, the average hobbit life expectancy being around 100 years. Lastly, one of his hobbit friends, credited simply as "The Hobbit" (possibly the Bilbo Baggins of lore?) is credited on one of his albums.
  • Considering the tallest hobbits in history are about 4'6", that would make Paul one gigantic hobbit.
    • That's the magic of ent draught!