Awesome: Paul Williams

  • "Touch", Paul's contribution to Daft Punk's album Random Access Memories, for which he also performs lead vocals. An eight-minute epic that goes through numerous adventurous style changes, filled to the brim with poignant existentialism and The Power of Love, and a spine-chilling intro that's a total homage to Phantom of the Paradise. Also Paul's best lyrical work in damn near 40 years. Still Got It.
    "Touch, sweet touch; you've given me too much to feel. Sweet touch; you've almost convinced me I'm real. I need something more..."
  • His (obviously unscripted) acceptance speech on behalf of Daft Punk's Grammy Award for 2014 Album of the Year is equal parts funny, heartwarming, and tear-jerking, equating to the greatest and most awesome induction speech of the night:
    "You know, back when I was drinking and using, I used to imagine things that weren't there. They were frightening, and... and then I got sober, and two robots called me and asked me to make an album! We are... we are random access memories, some of us more random than others."
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