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Eira Rosynhwyr was/is Evening Winterrose, or someone very closely connected to her (as in, closer than just the Firstborn of Evening's species)
  • The relationships between the Dochas and Daoine Sidhe are both very close (related powers, appearance, etc) and very far (Firstborn of Titania, Last Among the First), which might help explain why Evening was both so hard and so close to October.
  • Pretty much everything in Rosemary and Rue, up to and including throwaway characters, has become massively important. So I'm just waiting for Simon Torquil and Evening to rear their heads again.
  • The Luidaeg refers to someone deciding to "prune the Winterrose" - doesn't sound like a permanent death, plus indicates the Firstborn's habit of taking titles instead of names. The Luidaeg also says she can't break the Winterrose's curse, says she was always a nasty bitch, and refers to her in the present tense.
  • Welsh-to-English translation: Eira = snow, Rhosyn = rose and Hwyr = late or evening. Looking conclusive...
  • One possible snag- Toby rode Evening's blood, and didn't mention anything particularly out of the ordinary about it aside from how horrible her death was (since it involved iron). True, this was before Toby got her blood rebalanced, but the blood of the firstborn is seriously powerful stuff. Having just reread the scene, there's no foreshadowing about her blood being any more potent than expected.
  • In Rosemary and Rue Toby thinks somebody — she assumes Devin— has edited Evening's blood memory. If Evening is Eira and has extra-special Firstborn powers, Evening could have edited that blood memory herself, which would explain Toby not noticing things that aren't ordinary about the blood.
  • Confirmed in The Winter Long. She faked her death via a combination of Firstborn powers and bribing the nighthaunts.

Eira Rosynhwyr was the one to betray the Roane
  • Since "Never Shines the Sun" indicates that the Luidaeg still loves Amy at the time of October's birth, it seems more possible that someone else, like Eira, is responsible.
  • Confirmed in The Winter Long.

Amandine's fairy husband is Simon Torquill

  • It would explain why Oleander hated her so much. Also there aren't many single male fae in the cast old enough to fit the role.
  • Confirmed in The Winter Long.

Evening was Toby's grand-aunt, or a relative of some kind.
Why else would the queen declare a changeling the Countess of Goldengreen, as seen in the preview for Late Eclipses?
  • Because Toby did a great service in killing the shit out of Blind Michael and keeping him from kidnapping any more kids during An Artificial Night?
  • And she wanted to set Toby up for a future execution in Late Eclipses by getting her out of Sylvester's protection, etc.
  • In The Winter Long she is revealed to be a Firstborn so she counts as an aunt.

Quentin is a close relative of King Aethlin Sollys and his Queen - the fae rulers of all of North and South America. Either a son or maybe a nephew.
Their knowe is in Canada (Toronto, I believe) and Quentin's accent (near Edmonton?) is mentioned a few times in the first two books. Granted Canada is Really Big, but they're the only fae in the series that are from Canada. The unusual aspects of Quentin's fostering situation are commented on several times - that it's blind fostering, that he's staying at Shadowed Hills until he's 21, etc. One reason for this could be that he's the relative of somebody Really Important and they don't want that affecting his training as a knight.
  • Possibly hinted at when he brings news that they've pardoned Toby for killing Blind Michael, removing the local queen's last excuse to execute her.
  • Confirmed as of Chimes at Midnight: Quentin Sollys, Crown Prince.

One Salt Sea (Book 5) will feature the Luidaeg heavily.
This is just kind of out there, but she is the SEA witch and, well, duh. Something seemed to be odd about her at the end of Late Eclipses when Toby asked if she was okay.
  • Confirmed.

Before the end of the series, Toby will investigate the disappearance of Oberon and his queens, Maeve and Titania.
She is the hero who finds things. And they keep talking about it. And McGuire already set up this kind of long-foreshadowed ancient mystery bursting into contemporary life with Blind Michael. (Just wanted to get this down so when it happens I can totally point to it and say: Called it!)
  • And what she finds on this quest will destroy/drastically change Faerie, as described in Oleander's dying words.
  • "Never Shines the Sun" hints that the Luidaeg's plans for Toby (which she references in Chimes at Midnight) involve trying to defeat Eira Rosynhwyr (Firstborn of the Daoine Sidhe). It doesn't seem directly connected to the disappearance of Oberon, Titania, and Maeve...but that doesn't mean it isn't.
    • There also seems to have been some sort of prophecy about one of Amandine's line....and since we know Amandine got traumatized about something in Faerie and it's been hinted that she had other children, I'm assuming there's a prophecy that Eira is to be killed by a Dochas Sidhe and she offed all of Amandine's other kids in the past to prevent it. This would have led to Amandine's current trauma and wanting to make Toby be a human so she would duck the prophecy, etc.
  • The Winter Long has the Luidaeg call on her mother, Maeve, and receive magical assistance from her, indicating that at least one of the Lord and Ladies can and will still have contact with the world.
  • Pretty much confirmed in The Brightest Fell. The Luidaeg says that there are only a few ways to bring the Lord and Ladies back, and the least destructive one involves Amandine's line. August was lost questing for Oberon, and several plot threads are left dangling that only the return of the Three can resolve. (ALSO: Called it!)

Amandine is the sister who betrayed the Luidaeg's roane children.
The Luidaeg brought Toby along with her to deliver her warning to Elizabeth Ryan, head of the selkies, and pointed out who Toby had been lovers with and who her mother is right before she did it. That's probably significant somehow. "They would keep the magic alive until I could find a way to make things right." Possibly Toby is related to the reason why the Luidaeg gave them a year before she does...whatever it is. Maybe Toby's saving of sea fae helped this too? Also, Mary refers to Amandine as "the liar." Since she's one of the few remaining roane left, she'd have good reason to know that first hand.
  • And this will lead to some kind of showdown between Toby and the Luidaeg. They both keep saying the Luidaeg will kill Toby, but it never seriously looks like happening. And we know the Luidaeg is capable of loving and hating the same person - witness her feelings towards the Selkies. Also, Toby's been told to beware "the Lady of the Lake", and the Luidaeg is a water witch (mostly called the "sea witch", but Toby sees her hanging around moors and bogs).
    • In fact, the Luidaeg is the Lady of the Lake, as she tells Toby in The Winter Long that one of her past names is Vivienne, one of the many names of the Lady (which is actually just a misspelling/scribing of "Nimue," according to some scholars).
  • I assumed that the Luidaeg brought Toby along and mentioned Toby's parentage because she wants Toby to be the one who brings the Roane back, through her blood-changing powers.
  • Jossed, Eira Rosynhwyr/Evening Winterrose is the culprit.

Toby is not an only child.

Oleander talks about the self-righteous disgust of Amandine's children, plus the Luidaeg says Toby's the last one who can be Amandine's heir, not the only one.
  • Oleander's words suggest she might've gone up against the others before Toby (and probably won)
  • Amandine's unorthodox approach to childrearing was because she's tried a bunch of nicer methods already and lost all her previous kids. Losing Toby to Simon and Oleander (like she lost all the others to them?) drove her crazy.
  • One of Toby's half-siblings might show up later
  • In Ashes of Honor, Li Qin thinks she's read about the Dochas Sidhe in a book somewhere, which would imply that they're a race consisting of more than just Amandine and Toby.
  • In "Never Shines the Sun," the short story attached to Chimes of Midnight, the Luidaeg mentions seeing other Dóchas Sidhe, and how October bucks the trend of them being blonde, as well as how she's been waiting for a child of Amandine's line for a specific reason.
  • Confirmed in The Winter Long. Toby has a half sister named August. Her father is Simon and her fate after the earthquakes is "unknown but not dead".

The identity of the Luidaeg

There doesn't seem to be a mythological figure called the Luidaeg, which is unusual for this series. Even if the author takes some liberties with who the Daoine Sidhe or Tuatha de Dannan actually were in mythology, she tends to use names of genuine mythological figures. My guess is that she'll turn out to be a Celtic goddess whose name can be anglicised to 'Annie' - it's an alias she's gone by more than once. Plus, when Toby tastes her blood, she sees Black Annis (Danu) and Gentle Annie (Anann of the Morrigan) as the Luidaeg's closest sisters. Aine is a possibility.
  • Celtic mythology being complicated and occasionally contradictory (especially if you don't understand Welsh and Gaelic grammar), the author might houserule that Anann and Gentle Annie were different beings, and the Luidaeg might be Anann.
  • Fand is a possiblity - an early Irish sea goddess
  • Not to be confused with Fland, a lake goddess who liked drowing people. Could be linked to the comment above about the Lady of the Lake.
  • If you spell it differently, It seems the "luideag" is a mythical figure after all: "Squalid in appearance as she was evil, the luideag haunted several pools on the Isle of Skye, especially the Lochan of the Black Trout."
    • Well, that Josses pretty much everything I've guessed, but it's really satisfying to get an answer. It was driving me up the wall. (I guess the difference in spelling defeated my Google-Fu.) Thanks! Interestingly, the description of her haunting pools still leaves the possibility that the Luidaeg is the Lady of the Lake that Toby has been told to beware.
  • In Chimes at Midnight it's revealed that her real name is Antigone of Albany, the first child of Maeve and Oberon.
    • And she's Scottish, which works with the Luideag above!

Riordan's colony is going to lead to Deep Faerie being reopened.
Oberon kicked everyone out of deep Faerie a long, long time ago, and those lands have been empty ever since. However, as of Ashes of Honor, Annwn has been recolonized, and there's no way for Riordan and her people to get back out. Considering what Tybalt said about the land reacting to people, much as a knowe does, and what the Luidaeg said about the Heart of Faerie being lonely... it's possible that the Annwn colony is either going to have a destabilising effect on Faerie, which might require other people to find a way in after them to fix things.

October's future involvement with the Selkies.
  • Given how the Luidaeg seemed to be hinting to Liz that October would be involved with whatever she's laying down in a year.... I am guessing Toby's blood-changing powers will be required to make all of the Selkies with skins into full blown Roane.
  • On the other hand: The Selkie ultimatum goes down in book time around July 2011. Ashes of Honor takes place in June 2012 (right before deadline), but Chimes at Midnight takes place in August 2012, after the year is officially up. (And then the next book is titled The Winter Long, implying it takes place in winter/at least several months later than that.) If Toby hasn't been called in about the selkie ultimatum yet...is she going to be? And what is going on with that, anyway?!

Amandine's Mother was a human
  • Since the Dochas Sidhe's trick is to mess with the balance of blood she could have just made herself pure fairy
  • It would also explain a possible reason why Eira hates her so much: Eira hates changelings like it's going out of style
  • And why the Dochas Sidhe are only considered the child of Oberon: in Faerie politics humans mean so little that marrying a human while being married to a fairy doesn't mean anything.
    • It's explained in The Winter Long that if parents split up, faerie children have to choose which parent they will follow - most of the faerie races are only said to be descended from one person.
  • Amandine's also one of the only purebloods shown to be rather comfortable living in humanity.

Amandine's Mother is Mab, sister of Titania
  • As noted by October, Amandine and Evening Winterrose’s magic both smell like roses. Oberon’s influence hardly is about roses. That would mean, that their mothers are connected - but as we know, Amandine’s mother wasn’t Titania.
  • The series has based part of its mythology and characters on existing folklore - why not include Titania’s sister Mab somehow?somehow?
  • It might explain why Eira hates her so much - it's a fact that she longed after her mother's affection and maybe her father having a child with her aunt made her feel her mother, Titania, was wronged somehow.
  • the origin of the name Mab is latin Amabilis, lovable - interestingly close to Amandine.
  • Mab and Mabh/Maeve have been sometimes in folklore thought as one and same character, but that isn't necessarily true for this series.
    • Mab and Maeve being the same person has been confirmed by Word of God.

Amadine did not run from Toby at the end of A Local Habitation
  • Toby sees someone with Amadine's hair and figure who runs from her at Jan's funeral. Except it wasn't Amadine, it was August, Toby's half sister. Half Dochas Sidhe and half Doine Sidhe, it would be easy to mistake her for Amadine at a distance.

Oberon is Sealed Badass in a Can somewhere, and it's because of the Luidaeg
  • In The Winter Long, the Luidaeg tells Toby that she is also known as Viviane. In Arthurian legend, Viviane/Nyneve/Nimue learns what she can from Merlin, then seals him up in a cave. OK, there's Unfortunate Implications there, but frankly there's incest implications among most of the early generation of faerie if you look too hard. Blind Michael and Acacia are half-siblings, after all.
    • Jossed in the short story "The Fixed Stars", which features the Luidaeg's great-grandson, Emrys, better known as Merlin, who is almost completely human. He calls her Nimue, but no Unfortunate Implications, since she's more of an advisor, and not a lover. Regarding Acacia and Blind Michael, per Word of God, they were not half-siblings: Oberon is not Acacia's father.

Marcia is Arden and Nolan's nursemaid, Marianne
  • Chimes at Midnight is full of little references to Marcia having been somehow involved with the Windermere family. When Toby first mentions King Gilad, Marcia drops the plate of sandwiches she's holding. When Toby introduces Arden, Marcia goes pale and stares at her. We find out from Arden that their nursemaid was their protector, who helped the kids hide after Gilad and Sebille died. What if that was Marcia, and she has since shifted the balance of her blood (either through a Hope Chest, Amandine, or August) so that she looks more human and Arden doesn't recognize her? Also, do we ever find out exactly what Marcia is a quarter-blood of? Marianne was apparently a Coblynau, which are one of the few races that can put permanent spells into objects. Even if Marcia doesn't turn out to be Marianne, something is definitely up with her and the Windermeres.
  • Yeah, but how and why would a pureblood (I'm assuming since it's always mentioned if someone ISN'T a pureblood) Coblynau pass herself off as a quarter-blooded changeling? That seems like a stretch, to say the least. My theory is that Marcia has been suborned into being a spy for some bad guy or girl (she doesn't seem happy in certain reactions that have been mentioned) and has to report back on anything she hears, and knows just enough to mentally red flag at Windermeres.
  • I will go even further. Marcia is not only Marianne, she is also the latest secret alias of the Coblynau Firstborn. In Dreams and Slumbers we learn that the Luidaeg knew Marianne and apparently liked her (if her reaction after hearing Mariannes name is anything to go by), the Luidaeg liking somebody is already noteworthy. Marianne also seemed to know more about the Luidaeg then most people do, the Luidaeg seemed surprised that Arden already knew about how she operated and Marianne was the one who told Arden about the Luidaeg. As for Marcia, the way she drops her ditzy behavior when things are really serious seems suspicious. For example when Eira invaded Goldengreen; everyone was busy crapping their pants, Dean was angry, but Marcia was completely calm. At first I thought that to be "things are sooo far beyond panic" fatalism, but what if Marcia really was that calm? Because she knew that if she really had to she could take Eira on? Marcia/Marianne being Firstborn would also explain the apparent change from pureblood to changeling. Toby mentions several times that the Luidaegs human disguise is so good that even when she knows what to look for she can't even see any hints that an illusion is there. Who says another Firstborn can't weave disguises that are just as good?

Quentin is romantically involved with Dean and may have been with Raj at some point.
  • At one point, Toby sees a picture of Quentin and Dean with their arms around each other, Quentin blushes, and Toby and makes a conscious decision not to ask. Quentin and Raj were very close for a while, after Raj's girlfriend Helen stopped being mentioned. Toby says in An Artificial Night that Faerie isn't too hung up on sexual orientation, so any of them could be bi- or pansexual.
  • Confirmed in the novelette Full of Briars. Quentin says that he and Raj could never date due to politics, and he asks Dean out. Raj and Helen are still together as of that novelette, apparently.

There was some giant plot going on during 1906.
  • The earthquake might not have been planned (though with faerie magic, one might wonder if it could have been), but it sure did cover up the murder of King Gilad, at least. Everyone seems to date the period of time when the Kingdom of the Mists went to hell around then. August disappeared around then as well. I just get the feeling that something major went down then besides the earthquake and throne stealing that we haven't figured out yet.
  • Alternatively, it was Amandine that caused the earthquake in 1906 in the first place because August's disappearance made her so upset she made the world shake. In Chimes at Midnight, Arden actually indicates this during the conversation when she learns that Amandine is Firstborn.

Someone else went missing while searching for Blind Michael.
  • August was last seen heading off with a candle from the Luidaeg, just like Toby did in An Artificial Night. Even though she didn't seem to turn up in that book (I went back through and reread it looking for blondes, didn't find any), it's a possibility. It does sound like she got herself into some kind of trouble where her parents knew she was alive but were looking for people to make deals with, for some reason. I wonder what would happen if Toby asked the Luidaeg about the situation? Or if the Luidaeg would be able to answer if it interferes with her geas?
  • Confirmed. It was the person named above, although they weren't searching for Blind Michael.

Amandine's Mother was a Janet, of the Ballad of Tam Lin
  • When Toby finds out she's Dochas Sidhe, the Luidaeg can't answer who Amandine's mother is, only that the answer is important.
  • Starting in An Artificial Night, the series brings up multiple times how Maeve's Ride was broken as indicated in that ballad.
  • In Once Broken Faith, Toby gets a blood memory of the Luidaeg begging her mother, Maeve, not to go on the ride because they are betrayed, it is already broken.
  • Amandine is known as the daughter of the Great Betrayal, or something similar. So what if Tam Lin was actually Oberon?
  • In An Artificial Night, Toby also recalls that Amandine seemed particularly fond of that ballad when she recalls her childhood.
  • In The Brightest Fell, the Luidaeg tells Toby that Amandine's line is responsible for the loss of the King and Queens and that "(Amandine's) mother's actions and our Father's blood" had lain a task upon her that she didn't want as she didn't want to be required to sacrifice herself for others. The reference to a sacrifice echoes comments about "the Carter woman's" stealing a sacrifice as discussed in An Artificial Night.

There are more races of Faerie yet to exist, and many will be from Changelings.
  • The Brown kids look nothing like any race that has come before. They also are very stable outside the obvious trauma from Blind Michael which is very unlike many mixed bloods seen thus far.
  • Two of them are seers, which is both incredibly rare and neither form (dream walking or reading the air), are known in their bloodlines.
  • Mixed bloods often show interesting new abilities that can't be explained by any of their bloodlines alone.
  • In The Brightest Fell, the Luidaeg talks about how Firstborn isn't a clear cut concept. Also, Piskies.
  • Mixing blood leads to new races. Instability and one's body fighting itself is a problem but if you can create an equilibrium, more new races and new abilities will be born.
  • Changelings like the Browns, who are already mixed, will source many of these new Fae lines because they aren't as biased to start.

Raysel and Luna will swap roles after Rayselines blood has been changed.
  • In the beginning Luna was a loving substitute mother figure for Toby while Raysel was driven axe crazy by her biology. Now Luna has been getting more and more jaded and hostile over the last few books while Raysel seemed friendly if somewhat insecure when Toby changed her blood. Once Rayseline awakens from her elf-shot she will join Tobys gaggle of teenagers and ironically turn into a replacement daughter for Gillian while Luna will (driven by her anger at having lost her daughter because of Toby again) end up becoming one of the main antagonists.

The Brown kids are part Roane.
  • Several people in the books have commented on the Brown kids (Karen and Cassandras especially) weird look. Arden, for example, mentions that she was tought about all races of fae living in the Mists, but she has no idea what Cassandra Brown is. At least two of them have also developed prophetic abilities, dream walking and reading air omens, when seers and prophetic abilities are really, really rare. Now, "ultra rare race of fae that has a tendency to produce seers and prophets" is pretty much a short description of the Roane. I believe one of the earlier books mentioned that merlins can appear completely human, until and unless their magic awakens. Someone in the Browns human ancestry was actually a Roane merlin and for some reason the Roane genes have become prominent in the youngest generation.

The Queen of the Mists is or used to be a merlin.
  • "The Fixed Stars" establishes that the merlins have only one magical scent. The Queen is often described with just one magical scent, that of rowan. (This isn't consistent - in the earlier books she also has the scent of damp sand, but that description is dropped as the series goes on.) The Queen has also said she traded away her name a long time ago. What did she trade it for? Maybe a change in the balance of her blood? Removing the human from it, perhaps?