Heartwarming / October Daye

  • The end of An Artificial Night, the Luidaeg to Toby: "Come here. I need to hold someone, and you need to be held. Just for a little while, and then we can go back to being what we are."
  • Also in An Artificial Night: Toby comes back from a long absence and Spike the rose goblin looks up, sees her, jumps into her arms, and rams its head into her chin like a cat.
  • In the 3rd book, when Toby's friends rescue her from Blind Michael's ride. Also You Are Not Alone.
  • In Ashes of Honor, when they all finally catch up to Chelsea and are set to rescue her, she immediately calls out "Daddy!" when she sees Etienne, despite just having found out he's her father a little while ago.
    • And then at the very end, Bridget moves under the hill so they can be together as a family.