Tear Jerker / October Daye

Some of the more tear-inducing moments from the October Daye series include:

  • Quentin having to give up his first love in order to allow her to live a sane and peaceful life after what Blind Michael did to her.
  • And in One Salt Sea: Toby having to give her daughter Gillian the Changeling's Choice, and because of past history, which choice Gillian makes.
  • "In Sea Salt Tears": Liz finally getting the opportunity to get a skin and go from kin to true selkie — but at the cost of her lover who turns out to have been the Luidaeg.
  • Re-reading An Artificial Night in the light of One Salt Sea - the Luidaeg telling Toby to get rid of the children, claiming she can't stand kids
  • The ending of The Brightest Fell, all round. Toby completes her quest and saves the day, but everyone is horrifically traumatized from Amandine's actions, August is free of her curse but has lost her father to it, and Simon has regressed to the cruel man from book 1 because the curse doesn't allow him to remember any of his progress toward atonement.