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Season 2 starts with a Time Skip...
So we'll be meeting Metal and Tina's new baby all grown up and played by Emma from Kids React.
  • Alternatively, it's the kind of Time Skip nobody actually noticed, because the baby literally did all her growing up offscreen.
    • Jossed as of the Season 2 premier.

Other once-every-ten-years abilities start manifesting themselves.

  • Intern 2 gets hosed with his ability: if he never uses it, he has to wait another 10 years till he can.
  • Confirmed. Dubstep and Techno can heal a person if they're together.

There will be an episode arc featuring Idol playing Cupid with Techno and Dubstep, and possibly dragging Country along.
  • This could actually happen, considering Idol's current lapse into Raver territory.

There will eventually be a case of Status Quo Is God.
While Country looks set to replace Idol for at least a short while longer, it will eventually be reversed.

Intern 2 will eventually snap.
And when he does, it will not be funny or pretty.
  • This theory may have a bit of credibility now that he's going to have to leave for a worse job that pays well, so Indie is now rubbing it in his face. Maybe one joke too many will finally set things straight.
  • Half-confirmed, half-jossed. Indie keeps taunting him after he's left, and eventually Intern 2 puts his foot down and tells him to shut up instead. This is awesome, but also quite funny. After Indie stupidly tries to torment him at his place of work, Intern 2 has no objections to him being arrested.

Indie's flipping off Satan will backfire badly
. The guy pretty much provides most of the examples of Do Not Taunt Cthulhu, albeit not in this depiction of him. He'll probably end up making it so Intern 2 stays, gets paid and no longer gets acknowledged as Intern 2.