Fridge / MyMusic

Fridge Brilliance
  • Metal doesn't die from being repeatedly shocked because metal conducts electricity.
  • The characters act so stereotypical because the entire series is about the annoying stereotypes associated with listeners of certain genres.
  • What did Indie did with that scarf in Episode 10 to make it so stiff? He masturbated with it.
  • The 4chan members aren't wearing those V for Vendetta masks they're known for - because it's really Anonymous and not 4chan that does that. Not to mention that the actual masks are copyrighted by Time Warner, the real winner of web vigilantism by profiting from their sales.
  • Idol and Country actually being related makes more sense if you know that there's been a steady stream of country singers going mainstream for a long time now (Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, early Taylor Swift to name a few). Not to mention singers like Taylor Hicks and Carrie Underwood did make it big on American Idol.
  • In a recent "The Mosh", Metal announces the topic for next week's "Spotify Shmotify" playlistnote , then says that they already have 301 suggestions for "Don't Stop Believing". Looks like a random number, unless you're familiar with the unusual Youtube phenoma where every video somehow has a minimum of 301+ views regardless of how soon it just went up.