Trivia / MyMusic

  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Pretty much everyone falls into this trope, with the exception of Intern 2 who is as nice as his actor. Of particular note in this case is Adam Busch, who actually gets on well with Jack Douglass (Intern 2's actor) and has collaborated with him a few times in his own series.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Harley Morenstein as Jesus. To a lesser extent, Lia Marie Johnson as Rayna.
    • Shane Dawson as Chip the Delivery Guy, who actually seems to be a sane individual, unlike most of the regular cast besides Intern 2.
  • Trolling Creator: It's a Fine Bros production, were you expecting honesty? There are so many Bait-and-Switch moments and titles that you'll honestly find yourself not willing to trust them.
    • After all the Ship Tease moments, it turns out that Techno and Dubstep are (supposedly) not dating. Although we're given some potential evidence otherwise... and then it turns out that they don't have any romantic feeling after a kiss.
  • Tuckerization: Metal's hairdo? Rafi Fine wore that in his teens.
  • The Wiki Rule: Right here.