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Matilda is the never-mentioned child of The Doctor.
Now then, most Time Lord related WMGs are jokes, but this is actually quite logical. Lets start with the obvious (and remember, the Cartmel Masterplan is not canon in the show proper, unless that is what they're building up to now). The Doctor had a granddaughter, but his child itself is never mentioned. Now then, why would that be? Well, if he accidentally abandoned her somewhere, or perhaps one of his actions caused her to be lost, he might just not want to bring her up. It would also explain why, after stealing an old TARDIS and taking his granddaughter with him, he went to 20th Century Earth. The TARDIS, knowing all of reality hinged on him needing to be in the 1960s, not the 1990s or 2000s, landed him a bit off course for what would be the first of many, many times, and he just acted like it was intentional because, well, who wants to admit to their granddaughter that they have no clue how to fly the most important piece of their species' technology? It would also explain Matilda's psychic powers. We know that Time Lords have psychic powers, and they can be amplified to the point of reality manipulation, so it seems that a child of The Doctor would, in a time of great enough stress, likely be able to go beyond where most Time Lords can go.
  • Teal Deer: The Doctor accidentally dropped his daughter into the 1980s before "An Unearthly Child". That daughter was Matilda. She had powerful psychic powers like any Time Lord, and the combination of being untrained in restrain and being the Doctor's daughter made them even more powerful. Eventually, the Doctor found her, and she ended up having a daughter. This daughter was Susan. The Doctor, when stealing the TARDIS, meant to land somewhere around the 1990s or 2000s, but the TARDIS knew to go to the 1960s. The Doctor, trying to be mature as 10 later explained to 5, acted like he knew what he was doing so he wouldn't embarrass himself in front of his granddaughter. Oh, and she seems to be as smart as you'd expect a young Time Lord to be.

Matilda went to Academy City to further improve her telekinetic powers.

Matilda is a witch.
When witches and wizards are young, they often cause magical things to happen when under stress or pressure. Matilda's telekinetic powers were a result of this.
  • Oh, one of those witches. That's all right. But in this 'verse, you'd better be careful because it might be one of these.

Matilda is a Muggle-born witch.

Doubt me? Re-watch the movie with this in mind.

In the movie, her powers can easily be seen as underage magic and look quite similar to it. They are activated and amplified with emotion and require practice to learn and control. Matilda would be a very powerful witch to have such control at such a young age, which is shown to be very possible from Tom Riddle and Lily Evans-Potter. Tom also shows us that wandless magic is the most common, if not the only option, for children who havenít purchased their own wands yet.

  • Tom Riddles's ability to control magic before receiving any training, Hermione Granger's ability to absorb spells from books, Harry Potter's determination and courage. Just how powerful a witch could Matilda become?

It is logical that Matilda, being six or seven, is still attending a Muggle school because she's simply to young to attend her country's Wizarding School, and as Severus Snape once said, the law doesnít count magic done by little kids who arenít even in school as illegal magic.

Let the fanfiction and parallels begin.

The Trunchbull committed suicide.
It was said she was never seen again after her Humiliation Conga.

Matilda's "eye-power" never was telekinesis (only works for the book).
It was hypnosis. Let's break down every incident where she uses it:
  • "The First Miracle": Matilda supposedly uses her eye-power to knock over the newt-filled glass.
The Trunchbull really did knock it over herself. Matilda made her do it, but she didn't remember through her hypnosis.
  • "The Second Miracle": Matilda supposedly uses her eye-power to knock over another glass as proof for Miss Honey.
Similarly, Miss Honey herself knocked over the glass, but was convinced because of the time-lapse that it had happened by itself.
  • The training chapter: Matilda seemingly uses a cigar to train her powers.
This one's a little harder to explain, but it's possible Matilda somehow hit herself with her own powers, concreting her mistaken belief that she had telekinesis, not hypnosis. A convenient mirror, perhaps?
  • "The Third Miracle": Matilda supposedly uses her powers to telekinetically write a message to the Trunchbull, convincing her that she is being contacted by the ghost of of the murdered Magnus.
Matilda hypnotizes the Trunchbull to write the words herself. The Trunchbull either remains partially lucid and believes she is being possessed by the ghost of Magnus, or she misses the time lapse and believes the words mystically appeared from Magnus. The other kids all see the Trunchbull acting weird, but because nobody but Miss Honey knows that Matilda was behind it, nobody ever tells Matilda the way it really happened, and because she loses her powers and the outcome is the same either way, the truth does not matter.

She can hypnotize anyone by looking them in the eye. Does This Remind You of Anything? Starts drawing fanart of Matilda with the Sharingan just for shits and giggles.

Matilda has the Sharingan.

Matilda takes place in the same universe as Carrie.

Matilda takes place in the same universe as Looper.

Matilda is TK and is Cid's grandmother.

The reason why the Trunchbull says she was never a child...
...was because she had a horribly traumatic childhood she'd like to forget about.
  • That would make a lot of sense behind her mistreatment towards the children. Many people who were abused in their childhood became horrible monsters in the end, while also pretend that their childhood never happened
  • She may have also felt like The Unfavorite while her beautiful stepsister was treated much better. She takes this resentment out on the stepsister's daughter who looks a lot like her and reminds her of how she was treated.

Cars aren't all Miss Trunchbull buys from Mr. Wormwood
...she also buys steroids from him. The way she is described, it is clear that she abuses steroids. Mr. Wormwood in the end gets arrested for being mixed up in some sort of illegal activity which isn't named. It's very possible that he was selling drugs, including selling steroids to Miss Trunchbull.

Zinnia knew that Matilda was a gifted child
  • Well, the only cruel thing I've ever seen her do to Matilda was mistake her age as four. She mostly neglected her daughter so that she could learn to look after herself at a very young. Besides, she was outgoing and wanted to do a lot of stuff on her own. If she was like Harry, then Matilda would not have made it to the age of 4 (leaving soup and fish fingers to eat actually sounds very generous).

Matilda's telekinesis was only half of what got Trunchbull.
  • Magnus' ghost did the rest and used Matilda's power as a smoke screen. The Chalkboard and Picture were the big examples of his haunting contributions.

Matilda is a Diclonius
  • Matilda can manipulate nearby objects with multiple long invisible arms. Diclonii can manipulate nearby objects with multiple long invisible arms. The eye power is her vectors and she grows her hair out to hide her horns.

Matilda is a homo superior.
She just hasn't discovered telepathy or jaunting yet.

  • Trunchbull becomes a high-ranking member of the Friends of Humanity. She uses this position to torture and abuse mutant children, seeing them as the little monsters she believes them to be.

The narrator in the film is Harry Wormwood.
He probably regretted his mistreatment towards his daughter, and later told the entire story to Hollywood years after giving her up. Though the only problem for this is the events at the school or with the Trunchbull...
  • Perhaps the two reconcile later on when Harry has his My God, What Have I Done? moment and he gets told the events of the story?

Matilda is a Scanner.

The Trunchbull is a Clegane.
There are two possibilities here: 1. The Trunchbull is a descendant of the Clegane family-most likely the bastard offspring from one of the Mountain's many rapes- which would explain her looks, her strength, and her utter disregard for human life. 2. The Trunchbull, after her defeat at the hands of Matilda, returned to Westeros, married into the Clegane family, and gave birth to Gregor and Sandor. She had hopes that one of them- most likely Gregor- would one day avenge her by destroying Matilda. Considering what happened to both Cleganes, that obviously doesn't happen.

The Trunchbull is related to the Stricklands.

Matilda is Force Sensitive.
And she uses the Dark Side.

Matilda is the reincarnation of Magnus.
Try reading/watching the book/film with this in mind. Also it makes sense in the musical and explains how Matilda knew the story of the escapologist and acrobat without having been told it. Or alternatively (this only works in the book), Magnus' spirit only possessed Matilda for some time, giving her her telekinetic powers, but once he completed his "unfinished business" (getting rid of the Trunchbull and getting Miss Honey back her house) his spirit left Matilda which resulted in her losing her powers.