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Korra will undergo a Face–Heel Turn.
Some elaboration/conjecture: Korra has been very clearly established as an antithesis of Aang. Whereas Aang understood his position as the Avatar, he was relatively reluctant to shoulder it and, at least initially, regarded the duties as a burden. Of course, he later forgoes this attitude as his character develops and he takes the roll very serious. Korra is essentially the exact opposite: she immediately embraced the position. Which is where the potential problem is. She jumped into it without apparently truly understanding what her responsibilities really are. She's much quicker to doll out vigilante justice than actually mediate conflicts and maintain balance. Ultimately, likely after some jarring event, she will realize her shortcomings and either finally understand her responsibilities and handle the job of the Avatar with a greater deal of responsibility, or become despaired and continue her aggressive tendencies in the misguided belief that they can truly help her restore balance. Perhaps said jarring event could be something that makes her sympathetic to the Equalists (like continued atrocities by the Triple Threat Triad), causing her to believe that it is by putting herself on their side that she could restore balance. Queue potential corruption by Amon, whom she may begin to see as a replacement mentor to Tenzin after her frustration with his teachings reaches a boiling point. By the end of the series, we could see a climactic battle between her and one of her former friends who will try to either guide her back to the right path, or take her out before she can cause any further damage.

  • And yes, I know that this probably sounds like the story of another hero from another story. But to this troper, Korra has been demonstrating very Anakin Skywalker-like tendencies (hot headedness, a well-meaning and sincere desire to help others but without the proper discipline to try to do so properly, etc.). This is just conjecture and since this is airing on a kid's network there is a status quo that has to be maintained as far as happy endings go, but the moment this troper hears Korra utter anything along the lines of "I want more", all bets are in.

    • I don't think she'll become straight out evil. She'll more likely become a dark Lawful Neutral. Her Establishing Character Moment will have her face off against the Big Bad of the season. Everyone assumes that she's going to take away his/her bending (like Aang). But she kills him with a cold expression on her face saying "...I'm not Aang."

  • With what we know now, its actually quite possible for Korra to develop into it. Depending on how things go down this season, she could slowly start to turn into a tyrannical figure trying to work for the 'greater good'... whether you like it or not, in order to prevent things like Vaatu from coming free. Basically try to do what Wan failed to do, but this time she's going to do it by leading, not just mediating and advising with the occasional splash of asskicking. What could be even more awesome is seeing others or maybe the White Lotus guys (who clearly seem to be a degradation from the Old Masters) start to back it up to fully bring unity, and over time Korra pushes away her friends as she keeps slipping further and further away until something shocks her into realization... or they take her down to let the cycle continue.

Korra is related at least one person from the Gaang
  • Korra could very well be the grandniece of Princess Yue. Does that count?
  • Korra will be Zuko's niece
    • Lady Ursa disappeared and ran to the Southern Water Tribe, so that the Fire Nation couldn't find her, because after they wiped out the benders, they didn't really watch the poles too much. She married a Water Tribe man, and had (a) child(ren). Korra is her granddaughter.
    • Corollary: Korra is a natural waterbender (due to upbringing and because otherwise it would break the cycle), but because of her Fire Nation background, she won't have the typical Avatar problem of not taking well to her opposite element — she'll have trouble with air and earth, though.
      • Korra DOES firebend quite a bit in the trailer. And I don't think we've seen her earthbend once.
      • Jossed. Korra's earthbended since the age of 4 and clearly continues to do so, just prefers fire.
      • Add to that the fact that she trained in firebending last and that she couldn't exactly waterbend or earthbend in Republic City.
  • Korra will be related to Sokka and Suki, most likely their granddaughter
    • Because it would be wonderfully ironic to have the new Avatar be related to the Badass Normals of the old series.
      • It might just be. At one point during one of the here newly released clips, Korra makes a face that looks a great deal like Sokka's infamous pouts. She also seems to like meat a lot.
    • If it means Korra will use the alias "Sappho Fire"...
    • I came up with this long ago \in a website faraway * cough* tv.com* cough* also
    • Wouldn't that make Tenzin (or his son) related to Korra?! Or are they gonna throw us a curve-ball and have another character be part of the "cheesy teen romance..."
      • Well, there is that mysterious new Fire Nation character that Dante Basco's playing...
    • Actually makes some sense. She's half Cloud Cuckoo Lander half Bunny-Ears Lawyer and rarely is serious, but also gets the job done in combat pretty damn well. Complete goof-off? Check for Sokka. More efficient ass-kicker than 90% of the men? Check for Suki. Genius in combat? Check for both of the above. Now if only she's inherited her suspected grandmother's proficiency with ropes...
    • Korra is Sokka's ancestor. This is possible because she is a Time Lord, obviously.
    • Korra will be descended from Bato.
      • Because being descended from a main character is lazy.
    • Korra is descended from the kid in Sokka's warrior class who needed to use the bathroom. This is why it's her default excuse.
  • This theory is mostly Jossed: if Korra was related to Sokka and Katara, Katara or Tenzin surely would've mentioned it. Likewise, if Korra was Toph's relative, it would've come up in her conversations with Lin. There's still a faint possibility she's related to Zuko, if we accept the "Ursa secretly ran to the Southern Water Tribe, and Korra is her grand-daughter" theory above as true. That might explain why she seems to favour the element opposite to her Nation (fire), unlike Aang.
    • Katara or Tenzin wouldn't have mentioned it? Maybe Katara referred to Sokka as her brother instead of "your grandfather" because that's what he's always been to her. It's not uncommon among old people and Tenzin may not know either. Also, since Korra left home at the age of four, she may have never been told who her grandparents were.

Neither Korra nor any of her companions are descended from the original Gaang.
Admittedly, this theory is drawn less from actual evidence and more from the wishes of this particular Troper. But as far as the... what are we calling them? The Krew? The Korralition? As far as they go, it would make for better storytelling if none of them are related to the Gaang aside from Korra being Aang's reincarnation. Having them all related to Gaang members implies that awesome is hereditary, and that other families can't produce a protagonist. In addition, it detracts from their own accomplishments. If Mako and Bolin are descended from, say, Azula, the fandom will inevitably make that a defining characteristic for the brothers. Giving them unknown ancestors allows the viewer to better appreciate characters for the actual personality traits that make them appreciable. Of course, it's still awesome to see characters like Tenzin and Chief Beifong, since this gives us a better idea of what the Gaang did post-ATLA, but the main characters should be known for themselves.
  • Giving the new Team Avatar unknown ancestors make sense for another reason. In Season 3, when Aang sees Sozin and Roku's past together, he concluded that "anyone was capable of great good and great evil". If no-one in the new Team Avatar is related to the old Team Avatar (apart from Korra being Aang's reincarnation), that statement would apply not just to nations but to families. In short, badassery is not given to you by your parents; it's earned by your hard work.

Korra is feeling the weight of Aang's legacy.
From what we know about Korra she has already mastered earthbending and firebending by the time the series starts. Or at least she's very competent with them. However, she's sixteen, the usual age when Avatars learn of their status, and it took Roku a couple years to get that far. This is because Aang left gigantic shoes to fill. Aang mastered the elements and Avatar State in less then a full year, ending a century-long war in the process, while he was still technically twelve. Aang is most likely going to go down in history as one of most influential and greatest Avatars ever. Because of this, Korra was expected by her tribe to live up to Aang and become his equal, if not better then he was. This caused them to tell her of her Avatarness years before they was supposed to, pressuring her to get started mastering the elements as quickly as possible. (Though they may have had justification for this, especially if the anti-bending movement is a huge threat.) Regardless, Korra will feel some resentment over this. This may result in her bonding with Tenzin, if he has similar problems.
  • Given that its been at least 250 years since an Avatar was revealed at the correct age, and the people supposed to remember this stuff were likely wiped out, the people may have forgotten they're supposed to wait until the Avatar is 16. For all we know Korra could have been told the moment she could comprehend it. At least Korra's Avatar State is guaranteed to be better than Aang's (since she has one more Avatar to draw power from).
    • Kyoshi lived for 230 years, and the protocols survived. Besides, the Southern Water Tribe had a couple decades to rebuild with help from the very spiritual Northern Tribe. And on the off chance they didn't know, Aang (who had a very unfun time when he was told early) probably would've made sure to tell them.
    • Mostly jossed. Korra has known she was the Avatar since age 4 (and Jumped at the Call) and by the start of series (note that she's 17, not 16) she's mastered all of the elements other than Airbending. And Korra in general doesn't seem to have any angst about being the Avatar other than the fact that she has trouble with Airbending. If anything SHE pressures her mentors to train her as soon as possible, while they'd rather take things slowly.
    • Alternate Theory: The weight of Aang's history will now come to bear on Korra, now that the threat of the Equalist movement has been driven home. She'll feel increased pressure to live up to his legacy from all quarters, already having been pressured by Tarrlok and dismissed by Lin Beifong. She may even consider briefly bolting from Republic City for temporary respite from the demands of the council and the press, echoing Aang's running away in "The Storm" and providing evidence that, despite being his Shadow Archetype, they're really Not So Different.

Korra won't meet Aang until near the end of the first season.
As she's a spiritual dunderhead, Korra won't be able to connect with the Spirit World until she's had some character growth. Plus the fans will be dying to see this meeting happen, and it's more dramatic to hold off on it for as long as possible. Since the first season was conceived of and developed as a standalone mini-series, Avatar Aang's appearance was likely included near the end of the first season as that was potentially the end of the Avatar franchise prior to the order for a second season.
  • Korra won't meet Aang until she dies (temporarily) making a Heroic Sacrifice to save the city. He'll help her back to life and encourage her that she'll be an even greater Avatar than he was. Oh, and tell her to get Tenzin to lighten up a bit.
  • This seems very likely so far. We're six episodes in and so far Korra still can't airbend, much less connect with the Spirit World.
  • Confirmed! Although she fully connects with his attempts at reaching her come episode 8, it was only through flashback memories- it's not until the very last moments of the final episode of the first season does she finally meet Aang face to face.

Korra will suffer from Heroic B.S.O.D. after discovering the Avatar State
In one of the leaks, there was a master who scolded Korra and told her that though she had mastered the physical side of bending, she still hadn't grasped the spiritual side of it. Even though she's going to Tenzin to try and learn from him along with airbending, even he might not be able to get through to her. Thus it will take destroying an area of the city by accidentally activating the Avatar State to make her realize how important it is.
  • The clip where she's crying into Tenzin's chest has a lot of destruction in the background. Maybe...
  • Jossed. Korra has a lot more control over the avatar state then Aang was ever shown.

Korra will witness Katara's violent death, and suffer a Heroic B.S.O.D.
This will be a darker and edgier sequel, but the beginning previews show a bright, happy Korra, a young athlete in the making, focusing solely on the physical aspect of bending. Katara's death will catapult Korra into her first experience with Aang and the Avatar State, having been overwhelmed with the loss of the woman s/he loved, and transform her into the young, embittered Batman clone we see later on. Katara's death may force Korra to take her responsibilities more seriously, but in doing so, she may also lose her sense of optimism and fun; life skills which her new friends and mentors, Aang included, may have to reteach her. On a journey to the Spirit World, Korra may even meet Katara, who will reassure Korra that, though it may be in a different form the next time around, she will always return to her.]]
  • OR Korra will lose control in the avatar state and kill Katara herself.
  • This was Jossed even before the series began. I think you guys are forgetting that Aunt Wu predicted that Katara will die in her sleep, after the birth of her third great-grandchild.
    • That doesn't joss or confirm anything. It's still up for debate whether or not Aunt Wu was really psychic.
      • Especially since Katara already has three grandchildren by Tenzin at the start of the series, with a fourth on the way

Korra will meet Koh the Face Stealer.
He did said to Aang that "[they''ll] meet again".
  • They did! It was an interquel between seasons 2 and 3 on the official site. His role there was minor though.
  • New idea: Korra has already met Koh the Face Stealer. And lost. I mean, look at that dramatic publicity shot. Do you see a face? I don't see a face.

Korra will meet Iroh in the Spirit World
Most likely, Iroh will be dead in The Legend of Korra. But when Korra first enters the Spirit World, she won't just meet Aang, she'll meet Iroh as well. Why? Because Iroh has been to the Spirit World and has the ability to see spirits. He'll probably be chilling there and offer Korra a cup of tea.
  • It'd be even better if they got into a conversation and she told him about her friends, Mako and Bolin, and Iroh remarks that he likes Mako's name.
    • Confirmed in Season 2

Korra will have "accidental" Bisexual tendencies.

Korra will have a motorcycle.
We know that the Avatar verse has had an upswing in technology, with cars and motorcycles. Korra will have a steam-powered motorcycle which she uses as her main form of transportation, simply because it'd be really cool. If she has an animal guide, it will be one better suited for muscle then travel, so the motorcycle will be gained partly out of necessity.
  • Probably jossed. The trailer shows her riding on Naga, her polar bear dog, to get from place to place.

Because why the hell not.

Korra will attempt to end the Equalist revolt peacefully...and fail.
Partly because the Equalists, due to the nature of their revolt, can't see Korra as a neutral party. Also, from what we've heard so far, Korra doesn't seem to be an ideal diplomat.
  • It seems more likely that she won't try for a peaceful solution at all. That's what AANG would do, and the creators have specifically stated her to be Aang's opposite in a lot of ways, to the point where writing her scenes caused them to exclaim that Aang would never take her course of action.
    • Or, alternatively: Korra will try to end the Equalist revolt with force...and fail, and then she'll have to learn Old Aang's ways.

Korra will use Energybending to give some non-benders bending to help stop the Equalists.
  • They could even be given Airbending, killing two birds with one stone.

Korra will bring Bending to the masses.
It's been mentioned before that people in this universe learned how to bend by observing nature. This series' conflict is an anti-bending revolution. As she becomes more spiritually aware over the course of the series she will come to sympathize with the idea behind the Anti-bending movement and begin trying to reach out to them. Keeping with the series' overall theme that everything is connected Korra will learn that even the difference between benders and non-benders is illusory. This series will end with Korra discovering a way to teach bending to mundane citizens. This will set up the next series, where the Earthbending Avatar will have to deal with the implications of a world where everyone has superpowers.

Korra will sneak meat and world goods to Tenzin's children.
According to the creators, one of the show's central themes will be Modernity VS Tradition. What better way to show that generational struggle then to have Tenzin's children buck the rules for how they're supposed to behave? And Korra, not being the spiritual sort, won't think anything of slipping Jinora some beef jerky.
  • Jinora wouldn't take it. Ikki or Meelo probably would though.

A Blood Knight in love? Bad guys beware.
  • Screw the bad guys, what about other girls?! See the guess about Korra and relationships after the Avatar State = Fear idea.

There is something wrong with Korra's status as the avatar
Now, in the last airbender, it was quite clear that it was natural for the avatar to have problems with the element on the opposing side of the spectrum. For Aang it was earth. For Roku it was water. But Korra does not seem to have any problems using fire at all, having problems with air instead. It's possible that it's a simple personality mis-match, bit that doesn't really appear the case. Yes, she is impatient and has trouble going with a movement rather than blocking it, but neither of those are exclusive to air-bending. Going with a movement rather than blocking it is also a basis for waterbending, which she is good at, while patience is necessary to master any of the bending disciplines. It is more than just that though. Aang never suspected he was the avatar before he was told. Yes, he was good at airbending, but he couldn't use any of the other elements without being taught them first. Korra, meanwhile, is already capable of bending fire and earth at age 5. She has learned how to use them despite living at the south pole, where fire and earth-benders are probably rather rare (it being cold and there being little earth, after all) and, even then, having no reason to even try and study them before. As a final note, Aang died before Korra was born. Yet it took the white lotus 5 years to discover that she was born, despite the ritual used to search for an avatar does not really require a minimum age. And with only three tribes to perform the test on, she somehow went unfound? Was she never tested for some reason, or did she do the test and not appear as the avatar? All in all, there seems to be something really off about her avatar powers.
  • Keep in mind that by Aang's death at 65, post establishment of the multi-cultural Republic of Nations, emigration would have become much more common, (as we see with Republic City) so its not merely a matter of traipsing around the two Poles and Foggy Swamp, but a worldwide search for a waterbender avatar, and its difficult to keep a census when once-isolated peoples become mobile. Not to mention you'd have lots of false alarms with Water Tribe members assuming their special baby must be the avatar because a rock totally moved that one time, or a candle guttered when he burped. That's totally bending right?
  • Except that is not how one is supposed to test for the avatar. Both Roku and Aang were selected by choosing the correct artifacts as toddlers (much like the Dali lama in real life). The test doesn't take that long, and is easy to perform. If Korra had been born outside the water tribes, it would have been logical for her to only be discovered later, but she was born right at the expected location. If this doesn't work, they would probably have to resort to rumors and guesswork, but doing the test with the most concentrated portions of waterbending populace first would still be a first step.
    • What do you mean its not the way? You would first have to confirm the child is a bender before relic testing, otherwise its a massive waste of time and resources. Aang's selection would have been logistically simpler, as in his time, all nomads were benders, and all children were taken to one of four temples eventually, so that's bringing the test subject to you and you can test infants en masse. But benders of other ethnicities must manifest the talent (toddlerhood seems likely), and reports must be passed through word of mouth. Since the four toys have to be schlepped to each purported waterbender child, and the search radius has become global, I'm surprised it took only four years. Records of exact times and dates of birth are not common outside of the first-world countries or urban centers, and weren't even a given in America's 1920's and 30's once you got into great rural swaths of the country where home births were common. Hundreds of thousands of people are born every day in our world...how many Water Tribe members were born on the day Aang died, much less children who would be confirmed as benders? How many people who assumed their child was born on the right day have unwittingly made a false claim because they were a few hours early or late?
    • You must remember that this is not a modern civilization, but a pseudo historic one that has only recently started developing technology. The population should be much, much lower, with most of that population in the fire nation and earth kingdom. The water tribes are small. A large city, a few guys on boats and a small town respectively(though the latter two have probably grown a bit). Even a population of 1,5 million would be seriously stretching it. That's probably around a eighty births per day. Take a period of a week for parents to fudge results, and there would be 560 children to test. It would take a bit of testing, yeah, but even then it shouldn't take more than a year. Anyways, even forgetting this point: How the hell did Korra learn earth and fire bending at age five to the degree that she did? Plus, how did she learn them in a short enough amount of time after one another to know them before the white lotus arrived?
      • But that assumes that every place in the world keeps good records of census, population, and birth.
    • Remember the Water Tribes were small and barely thriving seventy years ago. That's more than enough time for a few post-war mini-baby booms (The soldiers came home...got busy, made peacetime babies and had as natives literally the best healers on the planet to limit pregnancy complications) successful population reconstruction programs (United Republic Citizens: Would you like to see new places and meet new people? Consider moving to the Poles today!) and ambassadorial efforts (Well howdy 'cuz! Welcome ta foggy swamp! Y'all look a little wilted, have some sweet tea) You say they've just barely started developing, but we're seeing the analog of a post-WWI population boom by the time of Korra's birth, and the automobile as standard in the bleeding-edge urban center by her teens. Also, Aang was apparently the youngest Airbender to receive his master's tats ever, so Korra comes from genius stock, as it were.
    • As an extra note, Korra uses surprisingly little waterbendering, seemingly preferring firebending, which would normally be the opposite and she only recently learned
  • Actually, I have a theory on this. The Avatar is basically the representation of the benders in the Avatar-verse. Therefore, the bending of the Avatar is dependant on the balance of elements. The element that the Avatar should be able to use best is dependant on which element has more benders and is thriving, which WAS in sync with the Avatar cycle before Aang got himself frozen. Hence Korra's lack of skill at Airbending; there are currently 4 Airbenders in the whole world.
  • This explanation sort of veers into WMG territory itself, but... The world of Korra is a much more connected one. We don't just see immigrants in Republic city, but we even see earth and water benders working for the Fire Nation army, and looking at the state of the Southern Water Tribe, they likely had a lot of immigrants as well. It's possible that Korra would've been able to discover her Avatar status at such a young age because she was exposed to other forms of bending earlier, and being a small child, would've been likely to imitate it. Avatars before her likely didn't meet many people who bent elements other than their own prior to their reveal as the Avatar.

When Korra wins prize money in the pro-bending tournament, Tenzin will take it to repay his costs in paying for the damage she caused in the first episode
If it is her idea or not I don't know.

The Equalist Movement began as just that: a movement simply seeking equality between the benders and the non-benders, who are often treated as second class citizens. The benders, who typically hold the positions of power in the Avatar world, overreact and attempt to end the dissent with force, turning the movement violent. The Equalists show that they are more than capable of giving the Powers That Be a run for their money, and so the latter bring in Korra as their Iron Heel to stamp out what began as a peaceful, legitimate protest of inequality. Essentially, Korra could either be a (perhaps unwitting: She may simply be too young to know about the earlier actions of the benders that lead to the current situation) pawn of the benders who want nothing more than to maintain their own power, or she could even be in on it herself. This could also explain Amon's wearing a mask: His face was destroyed during the initial violent crackdown on his movement.
  • This was probably Jossed as of The Winner Is..., where the Equalists attacked the pro-bending colosseum, in what is very reminiscent of a terrorist attack. Now, asking and preaching for equality is one thing, but when the equality-seeking party in question would resort to spreading fear and launching a full scale assault on a large public arena, as well as work on developing war machines in what was likely a planned assault against benders, that's another thing entirely. Long story short, they are pretty much an extremist group, and in almost every case, an idealology taken to an extreme never ends well. I personally CAN sympathize to an extent with their outlook: It has been shown a few times that some Benders do have a fear-based control over non-benders, and it is understandable non-benders would wish for equality. However, it is their exteme and violent methods that make them villanous.
Korra learned firebending from the School of Zuko
She uses an awesome looking breakdance move in the line art animation. This could be a call back to the moves Zuko often employed when fighting. (It was unique to Zuko as a [[shoutout]] to Dante Basco's real life dance skills.)
  • This implies that Korra either learned her firebending from the royal family (tradition! Dante Basco's still unknown character!) or that the Fire Nation has incorporated its Lord's moves.
    • This in turn implies that either the Fire Family is still peaceful or at least has redeemed itself so that even a Southern Water Tribe girl feels comfortable approaching them or that Zuko was a transformative and culturally influential Fire Lord. Either of these would make this trooper very gleeful.
    • I always assumed the Fire Sages taught the Avatar in the normal scheme of things, but maybe after the war the Royal Family decided to take on the responsibility to foster good relations with the Avatar... and maybe Zuko wanted to see his friend again, no matter what how different he looked.

Korra's first time in the Avatar State will cause her to be grounded/exiled to Air Temple Island, and it will be crucial to her training.
We all know that avatars who enter the Avatar State causes mass destruction when they can't control it, and when Korra unintentionally enters it the first time, this will cause a number of issues: enraging the Equalists and helping their cause, cause massive protests with the public for the destruction to a good portion of the city and property (as well as learning she is just too dangerous), and will get her restricted to Air Temple Island. This will cause trouble for her as she can't do anything but watch the politics and city spiral out of control, but provides opportunity to cool down and focus solely on her airbending until the end of the series where she breaks the law after becoming a realized avatar. Chief Beifong wanted her out of this city because she read about her mother's adventures (written by someone else), especially where Aang was just plain terrifying in the state.

Whereas Aang entered in the Avatar State through anger and rage, Korra will enter in the Avatar State through fear
The Avatar will enter in the Avatar State from emotional distress. Aang often gained emotional distress through anger/rage and entered in the Avatar State, but emotional distress could be different for Korra. Since the Legend of Korra seems to focus so much on fear according to the trailers and TV Spots, Korra could uncontrollably enter in the Avatar State because she freaks out from it.
  • ...I love it! Somebody write that!

Korra will have trouble with romantic relationships.
A natural progression from the Violently Protective Girlfriend guess above. The girl has been raised in near total isolation at the bottom of the planet for all of her life, and is just now experiencing the world and society at large. Her only exposure to normal social interaction has mostly been with the Order of the White Lotus, Katara, Tenzin and his family. Other teens her own age are going to be a total mystery for her, and as her only exposure to courtship has been through stories from Katara and whichever members of the Gaang were still around, she'll have troubles with manuvering romantically, something teens have issues to begin with. And let's not get started on when sex gets involved. Korra could possably be surprisingly vulnerable in that area. Feel free to list some potential pot-holes she'll come across. And any Drama or Lulz that would ensue from that.

Korra knows bloodbending.
Katara was her waterbending teacher, after all. It isn't too much of a stretch to think that, in her old age, Katara would have come to terms with what Hama did to her. And, she would be teaching the skill to someone she can, presumably, trust pretty well.
  • Alternate theory: In fear of her life, Korra will be desperate to learn bloodbending from Katara. Its clear in-series that Korra doesn't know bloodbending, but oh, how appealing it would be to use its People Puppetry to keep the chi-blockers, and more importantly, Amon from touching her and her friends. Once Korra remembers Katara's skill, or hears of it from Tenzin or Jinora (what with her love of reading the Gaang's adventures) she'll come begging to Katara to give her an easy, potentially lethal way to literally stop Amon in his tracks.

Korra's first meeting with Aang won't go over well.
Korra has been shown to be anything but a spiritual person, and likely only knows about spirits and meeting her past lives in the abstract. Therefore, when she finally "gets" meditation and crosses the Spirit World-Physical World barrier and meets Aang, she is going to freak. And it will be the most hilarious thing in the show to date.

Korra's waterbending in the intro will be cleaner and more precise to reflect her character development in the series.
Korra's waterbending in the introduction of the show is rather messy and unrefined, reflecting her current nature. As the series progresses, the waterbending shown will be more precise and refined over time as she is closer to mastering airbending and the spiritual half of her nature in general. By the time this happens, her bending will be just like Paku's from the original.

Korra's time spent in the Avatar State will be far and few in between
Sort as an addendum to all the other speculations about her and the Avatar State; since she's the Anti-Aang, whereas Aang tapped into the state relatively frequently (heck, he spent 100 uninterrupted years in it), Korra on the other hand even after she does get by her initial spiritual hangups most likely won't be accessing the Avatar State anywhere near as much (save perhaps, as also surmised above, her fear gets the better of her).
  • Seemingly jossed, as she's shown to use three times during the opening episodes of Book 2. She's also quite willing to use it as a 'booster rocket' to win an air-scooter race. As with the individual bending styles, Korra doesn't have a problem using the physical applications of the Avatar State, just the spiritual ones. Something which looks bound to come back to haunt her this season.
Korra 'looking for the bathroom' will become a running gag
She will never be believed, especially when she is desperate to find one for legitimate reasons.
  • I support this! Poor Korra...

Korra, now with better relationships with Chief Lin, will learn Metalbending from her
With the latest episode, Korra seems to have a better relationship with Lin. And with the conflict escalating, Korra will attempt to learn Metalbending from Lin.
  • I can see this happening. They seem to like each other a lot more now at least.
    • And Lin Beifong would use this as a chance to make sure she doesn't go for the Destructive Savior vigilante-esqe methods of fighting in the case such events arise.

Korra will mature into a Lady of War
Based on the previous Avatar reincarnations, it seems female Avatars are more likely to accept their roles as the Avatar and eventually take them fully seriously much sooner. Kyoshi was an Iron Lady and Yangchen is noted to have been one of the most successful Avatars, so Korra is likely to grow into either of these later in life. This theory isn't an onscreen one, but for when she reaches full adulthood as a fully-realized Avatar.

Korra is unlocking her chakras subconsciously as the series progresses
I gotta say that this has to be some clever writing. In the most recent episodes, Korra has been following the steps of unlocking the chakras that Aang followed, only without realizing. The first chakra, which deals with survival, is blocked by fear. Korra dealt with this with her face-to-face meeting with Amon and finally admitted her fear to Tenzin, who told her that admitting one's fears is the first step to overcoming them. The next chakra, which deals with pleasure, is blocked by guilt. Korra felt this when she broke Bolin's heart after kissing Mako and redeemed herself in the pro-bending match that followed, apologising to both the brothers and admitting she enjoyed her time with Bolin. I haven't seen any moments lately where Korra had to deal with the third chakra which deals with willpower and is blocked by shame, but if that gets brought up next, I will be fully convinced this is what's happening. Also as further proof, notice how Korra started seeing visions of her past life as Aang after dealing with fear and in the following episode after dealing with guilt.
  • This could be supported with her growing effectiveness against the Equalists. If, as your theory says, she only started unlocking her chakras in "Voice in the Night", it might explain why she was so thoroughly beaten by a single chi-blocker in the previous episode. Yet the next time she fights them, in "And the Winner Is...", she's opened two of her chakras, and winds up laying waste to the chi-blockers she fights as well as besting the Lieutenant, whom she previously defeated through a surprise attack. Furthermore, she might start dealing with the third chakra in the next episode. Notice how, in "When Extremes Meet", Tarrlok's mentioning of her inability to airbend seems to almost bring her to tears, and her later conversation with Tenzin shows that her lack of airbending ability is making her feel weak as an Avatar. It could be that this is blocking her chakra, and something in "Out of the Past" will give her the chance to unlock that chakra and finally be able to airbend.
    • In "Out of the Past," Korra, imprisoned by Tarlokk (pretty shameful, I would say), gets over her anger and uses willpower to meditate until she actually connects with Aang's spirit. I'd say that this is coming to pass.
      • I'm not sure when or how Korra might have unlocked her Air or Sound chakras, but in the final episodes, she appears to unlock the Light and Thought chakras. The first is unlocked after she talks with Tarrlok who reveals that he is Amon's brother, and the Illusion of Amon's spirit-given powers is finally unmasked when she puts two and two together. Finally, Korra unlocks her Thought chakra after coming to the cliff. The timing here is very important. When she collapses into the snow, crying over losing her bending which she thought was her sole attachment to the Avatar title, she accepts that she has to let go of her bending in order to move on. In accepting that simple fact, she unlocks her Thought chakra, and that's when Aang finally appears beside her

Korra will defeat Amon one-on-one without using her bending.
Call it cherry tapping. Call it making the odds more equal. Call it recognizing that Amon's style is geared to fight benders and not non-benders. Korra is gonna kick Amon's ass without resorting to her bending.
  • Jossed. Amon is in fact a bloodbender, and he inadvertently unlocks Korra's airbending while taking the other elements away from her. She then uses airbending to kick Amon out of the probending stadium, and exposes his bending to Republic City after which he flees. He later dies.

Korra's incredible physical strength is supernatural in origin.
Again and again, Korra is shown performing physical feats that no one else on the show can rival. She's unusually strong even in a world filled with Charles Atlas Superpower types. How can she do these things? Because she's that Avatar. We've just never had a chance to see what physical feats a grown Avatar can accomplish before. Aang was too young. Roku had too little screen time. With Korra, though, we're finally seeing a blatant sign of how the Avatar isn't entirely human. Her strength, while rooted in her exceptional physical conditioning, is truly made possible by the fact she's the living incarnation of the planet's spirit.
  • This great physical strength could be an effect of Energybending. Since Energybending is manipulating the energy in one's own body, every Avatar does this on a subconscious level.

Korra will discover a new bending element.
Seems like the Avatar world is going through all sorts of progress. Social and industrial. So why not scientific or at least the equivelent? That is to say new discoveries on how things work. So at some point Korra will discover a new form of bending that is not an extension of an existing bending element. Something like lightbending, or Gravitybending.
  • Maybe she uses airbending to create soundbending? After all, sound is the vibrations of air molecules.

When Korra first enters the Avatar state in order to defeat Tarrlok, she will BEND THE MOON such that there is an eclipse so Tarrlok can't Bloodbend her.
  • LOL. Jossed.

Tarrlok is inadvertently doing Korra a favour
By taking her away from Republic City, he's giving her an opportunity to find out more about the world (she was very isolated at home, which hasn't helped in some of her attitude). Like Aang learnt more through his travels than just bending, Korra will be confronted with the reality of life outside the city, for non-benders, and her own behaviour. Whatever her intentions, Tarrlok still has a point about Korra.
  • Jossed. Shame, though — this would have been a very nifty direction for her to take.

Korra will have to spiritually assimilate Amon
  • Jossed.

Korra will enter the Avatar State in the season finale.
This is a given. In at least two ways:
  • A: When Amon is about to de-bend her, it will activate and she will be able to quickly get away from Amon and face him in her heightened state. Alternatively, it will prevent her from losing her bending, so Amon will try to de-bend her while she is in the Avatar State and it will be ineffective. Enraged, Amon will engage her in combat. Near superhuman abilities and Chi-blocking Vs. The Avatar in the Avatar State.
  • B: When Amon is about to de-bend her, either Mako, Bolin, Asami, Tenzin, or Lin step in to interrupt, leaving Amon to fight them. When Amon manages to corner them and de-bend (or incapacitate in Asami's case) them, that's when Korra will enter the Avatar State to protect her allies.
Confirmed, but not with either of these scenarios. She enters the Avatar State after regaining her bending. This happens after Amon is taken down.

Korra's Super Strength will be Played for Laughs somewhere in Season 2
Bolin will try to prank Korra as a friendship tease, but she is spooked and accidentally hurtles him into a wall. Bonus points if this occurs in Tenzin's home while Tenzin is there.

Korra will be able to blood bend at any time by the end of the final season.
We already know that some people have already mastered this so it would be very fitting for a water tribe avatar to be capable of this as well.

Korra will learn to go into Avatar State by...
Saying "Avatar State Yip-Yip!"

Korra cannot airbend because of her Firebending
During the Hundred Year War waged by the Fire Nation against the world, firebending was twisted by the militaristic nation into a power that is fuelled by rage, hate, and anger. What does Korra often do when she is angry, enraged, or feeling hatred? She uses firebending. When frustrated at not being able to airbend, when the Airbending training became too much for her, and when she was furious with Tarrlok, she used firebending. This is at least one of the reasons why she cannot airbend. The other is more straight forward.

Korra cannot airbend because of being hidden away from the world for twelve years
Airbending is the element of freedom, according to Tenzin and Iroh. Being confined to the South Pole inside a fort all her life is the furthest thing from freedom. Knowing that she is the Avatar all her life is also possibly another reason why she can't airbend. After all, how can one master an element that represents freedom when your own mind is closed off from everything else aside from being the Avatar?

Korra has many spiritual aspects she doesn't know about.
Like with the visions, her spirituality has manifested itself in other ways, even if she hasn't realized it. One was with Naga: according to the Nick website, Korra is the first person to tame a polar bear dog. I suspect she was able to do this because, as the Avatar, she does have a special connection with nature. It allowed her to tame a wild animal to such a point that it behaves like a domesticate animal. (taming and domestication, for the record, are different things)

Korra will master the Avatar state her first time in it
She's the opposite of Aang who was easily overcome by it.

Amon will take Korra's bending away
But ONLY Korras not the avatar's she'll still be able to bend in the avatar state, which she'll unlock in the final and going off the above WMG will be an instant expert with, so she will be able to know what it's like to be a non bender but still be the'll still be able to bring balance to the world
  • Partially confirmed. He takes away her bending except for airbending which she figures out how to use a few minutes later. Later she enters the avatar state and regains her bending as well as gaining the ability to restore others' bending

Korra jumped off that cliff hundreds of times.
She has shown expertise in waterbending-diving. She probably jumped off that cliff every time she wanted to go for a swim. Use waterbending to enter the water smoothly, and then firebending to keep herself warm in the freezing water.

Korra is actually bloodbending
in the avatar state, not energybending. If Amon sealed bending away via bloodbending, then it would only make sense if bloodbending is the key to giving the bending back. Katara did not actually try everything to heal Korra in the end as there was no full moon.
  • Dunno, energybending actually makes more sense in the context of what Amon did. Amon severed the physical connections between chakras, preventing the flow of energy inside his subjects. It's much harder to fix a broken nerve-cluster than it is to break it. But energybending could help a person to find an alternate path for the energy to flow through, without a need for the complex reconstructive surgery.
    • Wait, when was it ever explained how Amon took away the bending? All that was said was that he somehow used bloodbending to take it away, and even that was in-universe speculation.
      • Well, it's speculation based on how bloodbending is shown to work. It makes sense that Amon breaks physical connections between the chakras inside the subjects' bodies, since bloodbending alters physiology of its victims, and it seems to be permanent damage, judging from the fact that not even the best healers, including one who is a bloodbender herself, can fix it. So it makes sense that energybending is used to redirect the connections between chakras through alternate routes, like new neural connections can sometimes partially restore the functions of a severed and reattached limb, or how brain damage can mend itself over time by creating new neural connections.
  • Alternatively, there is no such thing as energybending, and shorting out the chi paths with bloodbending was how Aang's technique worked all along. It's just that the Avatar State, unlike any individual person, had enough combined wisdom and power from past waterbending Avatars to fix the damage.
    • Not likely. We see no glowing from Amon's fingers when he debends, and you can actually see him pressing down slightly as he does it. Aang and Korra gently touch the two contact points and the contact points glow (in addition to the avatar state glow). Aang/Korra = Energybending, Amon = Chi-blocking/Bloodbending.

Korra didn't restore Lin's bending, she created it anew.
What's the difference? It means that she can give bending not only to those who lost their bending, but also to those who have never been able to bend.
  • If the Avatar can do that, why didn't Aang create more airbenders?
    • Assuming that the way Amon debends people is using bloodbending to physically sever the chi pathways in the body, then this WMG would have to be at least partly true. There would be a difference between giving bending back to a debended person and giving bending to a non-bender. In the case of replacing bending, most of the pathway, and, more importantly, the chi flow itself, would still be present. In a non-bender, none of that would exist. From what we can see, Aang rarely messed with energybending, using it only when somebody was otherwise too dangerous to exist. Before Korra, he may never have used it to restore bending at all. For him, restoring bending might be like someone reconnecting a broken wire in an electrical circuit. Giving bending to a non-bender might be like wiring up an office building, and Aang simply didn't know energybending that well. Also, he probably didn't want to study it to that level of expertise, considering that would require messing around with people's life energy.

Korra will Learn the Offshoot Bending Styles in Season 2.
Korra will take the time to learn Metalbending, and Lightning Bending. And she will also invent an airbending move to get her airbending mastery. Her airbending move will be influenced by a different bending form, like how Lightning redirection was invented by studying waterbending.
  • Specifically, it will be influenced by earthbending, because it's air's opposite, like fire and water.

When she was trapped in that metal box of Tarrlok's, Korra bent her own pee.
She was trapped there for at least one day, so she must've had to pee. However, we don't see any puddles of pee on the floor, so Korra must've used waterbending to get it out of the box through the window. She probably didn't want to meditate while sitting in a puddle of her own urine.

Korra will use airbending more and more
. Considering the setting, she'll realize that airbending offers the least propensity for collateral damage. Furthermore, it is the bending discipline that all other combatants have the least experience countering.
  • She's definitely got airbending down by Book 3, when she starts training Lin's niece Opal in the art.

Aang did not energybend Korra
. He simply bloodbended her. As Katara's husband, he would have learnt water bending healing techniques. Aang combined that with bloodbending, and used Korra's blood to heal the injuries from a bloodbending technique. In other words, Korra has learnt to bloodbend, but as a healing skill rather than an offensive one.

The Avatar State will be nerfed or be useless in Season 2
The spirits presented would be attracted to her every time it is used, making it too dangerous to invoke with friends out. Or the the strife in the Spirit World make the use of it weaker and weaker because past Avatar spirits are vanishing.
  • Well, you can't bend at all in the Spirit World, period. It would make sense that the Avatar State won't work there, either. But most likely we generally see more incidents where raw combat strength simply isn't useful for Korra to solve the problem at hand.
    • Even in the physical world it is being shown as less than effective against the Dark Spirits in the first couple of episodes. However, this likely has a lot more to do with Korra's application of the state rather than the thing itself. For example her attempts to break open the portal fail, and she's forced to use the Avatar State to try and break free from a spirit restraining her. She is able to open the portal while in the Avatar State, but only when she touches it with a single finger. The Avatar State not be nerfed as such, but it's already clear that Korra will have to learn more about the spiritual side of her abilities and role.
    • So far, three of the four times Korra deliberately invoked the Avatar State wasn't quite as spectacular as we've seen it in the past: She did it once to flex her newfound power after being rebended by Aang in the S1 finale, we've seen her use it to cheat in an air scooter race, we've seen her try and fail to out-muscle a dark spirit, and we've seen her use it to overpower more dark spirits while trying to open the South Pole portal. We haven't seen her alter plate tectonics like Kyoshi, blow up a volcano like Roku, or obliterate large swaths of a rock column forest and then later extinguish a widespread fire in that forest by drawing in the ocean like Aang. Korra's barely scratched the surface of the potential of the Avatar State.

The reason Korra is a girl
...is to avoid Ho Yay pairing. Seriously. Korra is strong, boyish, might as well turned her into a boy. Imagine if originally the creator meant Korra to be a boy. They quickly postponed this idea, because seriously? All the benders are boys, this would result in overjoyed fangirls. Beside, it would be too similiar with Aang and Zuko. So they tried avoid this by changing him into her, plus, it would let Zutara fans happy...sorta. Turns out it backfired as now people started shipping her with Asami. (My WMG is, had Korra been a boy and been shipped with Asami in canon, people would ships him with Mako in fanon)

  • Because strength and an abrasive personality is an exclusively male trait. Also, Korra was ALWAYS meant to be a girl since day one; she by far predates all the other characters. I won't exclude the possibility of Bryke being homophobic, but if they are they sure as fuck screwed up monomentally in getting rid of the Ho Yay.
  • With the Grand Finale, we can safely say that this is Jossed. Finishing the series off with Korra and Asami holding hands and smiling at one another as they go into the Spirit World together, while the song "The Avatar's Love" plays in the background has put the Ho Yay levels off the charts.

Korra will become simultaneously the strongest and weakest Avatar in history
Not only is Korra a Bending genius but she has the chance to learn many of the offshoot styles and techniques that were pioneered or invented during the Hundred Year War. Thus she will be the first Avatar with Bloodbending, Energy Bending and Metal Bending to add to her arsenal as well as many techniques in the conventional Bending disciplines created during the war and the reconstruction. However that same war also accelerated both Bending and technological advancement. Korra is the strongest Avatar compared to her predecessors but the weakest compared to the kind of firepower the Nations can now field. Thus for all her power, Korra would have the greatest problem facing down a global crisis or war, especially if one takes her personality into consideration.
  • Well, right now she is simultaneously the strongest and the weakest Avatar in the avatar cycle. Mostly because the old cycle is broken and she is the first avatar now, but still . . .
    • Possibly leaning toward weakest in terms of physical and emotional stamina. Thanks to mercury poisoning almost killing her AND Raava (she was forced into the Avatar State), she was left in a wheelchair at the end of Book 3.
    • After the end of Book Four, Korra seems to have recovered from her previous traumas and moved on with her life and became stronger. Tenzin even tells Korra she has transformed the world more in a few years than most Avatars did in their lifetimes.

Korra considers herself the worst Avatar in history.
She couldn't stop Amon's revolution from getting off the ground, she had her bending taken away, she let herself get manipulated by Unalaq, she opened the spirit portals without realizing the potential ramifications of it, she let the Avatar State get destroyed (it got better), she lost all her past lives, she nearly lost the Avatar Cycle again, she's got a severe case of metallic poisoning, and she needed Jinora to save her butt multiple times. Without her past lives to prop her up, she's going to feel like a massive failure.
  • Korra's behavior in the last few minutes of the finale are actually quite consistent with severe depression. It's clear that whatever Korra's problem is, it's much more mental/emotional than physical. She's barely paying attention to anyone, she hardly reacts to anything going on around her, and doesn't speak. Then she cries at Jinora's tattoo ceremony, which is an odd reaction to such a joyous event (though happy tears would hardly have been out of place). She's definitely feeling like a useless, bumbling waste of space who sucks at being the Avatar.
  • While this was played straight, this was ultimately jossed. At the end of the series, Korra is hopeful for the future again. Tenzin praises her for being able to transform the world more in a few years than most Avatars have done in their lifetimes, and Korra believes there is more she has to learn and do. One of the first steps is to help Prince Wu change the government of the Earth Kingdom.

The reason Korra could bend three elements so young
Is because Raava didn't want to let too much time go by without an avatar. Especially considering what happened with the 100 year war. Keep in mind, Aang wasn't supposed to be told he was the avatar but because of the threat of war he was. Maybe Raava wanted the new avatar to be ready in case the world started to slide back towards war again after Aang's death.

Korra cried at the end of Book 3 because she feels inadequate as the Avatar.
Each book in the series has had a villain trying to destroy Korra's identity as the Avatar. Amon took away Korra's ability to bend three elements. Unalaq and Vaatu severed her link to her past lives. And now the Red Lotus has tried to destroy the Avatar Cycle itself. But the final nail in the coffin was Tenzin telling a crowd that Jinora and her fellow Air Nomads would take over the Avatar's duty to travel the world and maintain balance. Several enemies have been telling her that the Avatar is evil or obsolete but this is the first time a respected friend has said it, even if he didn't mean it that way.

Korra will be the last Avatar and that's not a bad thing
' The WMG above is every reason this is probably true. The world is changing faster than the Avatar can keep up. Korras failings (whether in her mind or real) are not the result of her being a bad Avatar. Rather that the Avatar is simply not needed anymore. Jinora was the reason the last two villains were defeated, and likely the kind of person the world needs now. It isn't a failing on Korra'ss part, if anything it's a triumph. The Avatar has spent lifetime after lifetime being the most powerful and the peacekeeper. Now the Avatar is far from the most powerful force and the world is starting to take care of itself.

Amon, Unalaq and the Red Lotus were right: the Avatar is no longer needed. Just not in the way they thought, and certainly not in the way Korra seems to think now. Tenzin was right, the Avatar has shown folks what to do. And like a child learning from its parent, there comes a time were the child has matured pasted the need for that guidance. The series will probably end with Korra coming to terms with this, letting go of her baggage, and being at peace. They might even throw in a flash forward to show what kind of world the last Avatar created.

Once the final villain has been defeated and the world is at balance for good, Korra will disappear into the Spirit World, only emerging for very dire situations.
  • Over time, Korra will go from being a famed Avatar to being a mere legend, just like the title of the program suggests.

More precisely, she doesn't want to be the Avatar anymore. Here's why, let's look at her life so far:
Since she found out she was the Avatar as a child, she always sees herself as special. Which made her very cocky. And also defensive when Lin tells her being the Avatar doesn't give her special treatment. When the Equalist came about, she was confident she can take them on. But soon came face-to-face with Amon who tells her he can capture her and steal her bending anytime he likes, which led her to become scared for the first time and she didn't know how to deal with that.
Season 2: She was upset at her dad and Tenzin for keeping her locked away. They were only trying to do what's best for her, but to her that's another way of saying they're controlling her way of life. And for always holding her back. And also angry at her dad for causing the spirits to be restless in the first place. She has to become neutral between the tribes, which made her a traitor to her tribe, which frustrates her since she's trying to help. Also, she doesn't feel her boyfriend Mako is being so supportive or giving her enough opinions, because of his work at the police. She also became angry at her mom for defending her dad. She now feels she can only trust her uncle who supported her. But when she hears her dad being involved in the rebellion, she worries about her dad's safety rather than the conflict. But she does everything to free her father. She was shocked to find her uncle caused everything to happen, angry at his betrayal and herself for listening to him. So angry that she refused to listen to Mako who tries to be rational. Korra was frustrated enough from the civil war and her uncle's betrayal, she really needs him to be on his side. But it doesn't work that way, so Mako tells her it's over between them. After getting back her memory and remembering the break-up, Korra feels she should have listen to him, but she realized their relationship just isn't working out, they're going on different paths. She also learns that the first Avatar was the cause for all the wars and miseries in the world since, thus the Avatar's purpose is to try to fix the problem he created in the first place.
Season 3: Republic City blames her for the plants and spirits swarming around, and she's unable to fix them due to losing her connection to her past lives. The President banishes her from the city. She encounters the Red Lotus who wants to end the Avatar cycle with her. A drugged Korra imagines seeing Amon, her uncle Unalaq and Vaatu telling her she's a failure and is nothing.
Season 4: From what we see now, it seems she's trying to escape her past. All the trauma has affected her self-worth, and sees she's not really special anymore. And nothing she's done has helped the world. Her bottled up feelings may all spill out into something like this.

Someone (maybe a kid): But you have to help! You're the Avatar!
Korra: I'm not the Avatar. I don't want to be the Avatar! (breaking into tears) I DON'T WANT THE RESPONSIBILITY ANYMORE! SO EVERYONE, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
(she flies away until she finds a quiet spot to sit and cry her heart out)

  • Jossed to hell and back. She's in such frustration because she can't carry her role as the Avatar. She wants to make a full recovery and regain access to the Avatar State more than anything, so she can finally start helping out again.
    • Actually, there might be some truth to this, as in "The Coronation", Toph theorizes that Korra subconsciously does not want to be the Avatar due to her instinctual resistance against Toph's attempts to draw out the last of the poison. That way, she can use her illness as an excuse to justify no longer having to shoulder the responsibility or risk getting hurt again.

Korra's own Avatar Spirit is trying to kill her.
As Toph revealed in "The Coronation", Korra subconsciously does not want to be the Avatar again. This caused her now separated Avatar Spirit to decide to kill her in order to restart the Avatar Cycle so it can find a new host.

Korra uses both styles of firebending
Specifically, she makes use of the anger-based forms that Zhao and initially Zuko used, and the "true" art learned from the dragons, channeling her plentiful aggression into it. Mostly based on the video game where Korra regains her firebending via aggression - presumably using that as a familiar kickstart before switching back to what she knew.

Korra is a closet Lesbian
While Korra was indeed in a romantic relationship with Mako it was because she does not believe that the Avatar should be gay & has pretty much locked herself in the closet. This isn't because of her parents as this Troper firmly believes that if Korra came out her parents wouldn't have a problem with her being gay & would except her no matter who she loved. No more likely Korra had a certain idea of who the Avatar should be & being gay is NOT who the Avatar is, at least as she saw it. That's why she "Fell" for Mako as quickly as she did, because in her mind from what she Saw of him, he was the type of person the Avatar should fall in love with. This also likely contributed to their relationship problems, as she continued to go out with Mako, she became far more aggressive as not only did she realize that she was not truly in love with him but she was still fighting off the fact that was gay. After her breakup with Mako & her growing friendship with Asami Korra started to become much calmer as she started to except who she is & that part of that was her sexual identity.