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Luna Tuna paid Kel to lie and say that he dropped the screw in the tuna.
Kenan had already made the whole sandwich before he told Kel to bring it into the living room while Kenan checked to see if the game had started. It seems incredibly implausible that Kel took the sandwich apart for no apparent reason and then dropped a random screw in the tuna. It seems more likely that, while on the assembly line, a screw from another can or from one of the machines could have fallen into the tuna.

In exchange for lying, they may have given Kel a free lifetime supply of Luna Tuna, as he was so willing to accept it when they initially offered it to Kenan, whereas Kenan himself wouldn't even accept a check for one million dollars.

Kenan's father is really the Diamond Bandit.
Maybe the look alike is just a scapegoat. Therefore, Kel is right and Kenan is wrong.

Kenan and Kel are one and the same person.
The latter represents on how the former wants to formulate schemes.
  • Which would explain why you never see Kel's parents.

Kenan and Kel are Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins (respectively).
Notice the resemblances.

Kyra was put in boarding school after season 2.
It would explain why she rarely appeared during seasons 3 & 4.

The fat lady in "Natural Born Kenan" knew the other Rockmores are Asians and was just teasing Kenan.
She did come off as sarcastic when Kenan brought up the idea that he might be switched at birth.

The "real bear" in Montana was really Kenan's mom.
She came up with the same idea as Kenan to scare Roger into quitting his job - and got her hands on a better bear costume.

Wayne Conley, one of the executives in "Corporate Kenan" is related to Janet.
He has a similar personality and they both wear glasses.

Kel had a head injury at some point and his mom performed on him.
It explains his stupidity despite having really smart parents.
  • If Kenan made any comments of Kel getting hit on the head as a baby, he was right all along.

The Pinaconian Islands have now become anti-American.
King Dinka created a symbol representing their newfound hatred towards America. Guess who?

The Tower in Revolution has a portal to this show.
There are things in the Tower that not even the President of the United States knew about. That's what Randall Flynn said in episode 18, anyway. Maybe a portal to a different show is one of them.

Bill Bellamy really does have an evil twin.
Which would mean that Kel was right about Bellamy's evil twin shopping at Rigby's. Bellamy looked surprised and glanced back at Kel when he made the accusation, so it may be true.

Kel starts an art movement called Soda Pop Art.
He is a good artist, after all. And he does love orange soda.