Heartwarming: Kenan & Kel

  • At the end of the first episode of the two-parter where the Rockmores move away, when Kel arrives at the house after they've already gone, and it is revealed that his present for Kenan was a picture of the two of them together. This could also be considered a Tear Jerker.
    • Which makes their eventual reunion in the next episode all the more sweeter.
  • Kel telling Ron Harper he still likes him even if he blames them for getting injured.
    • And Ron actually holds a press conference and says he's at fault for the accident making the public no longer hate Kenan & Kel
  • In the Christmas special, Kenan has enough money for the bike he wants, but gives it up for presents to give to another family. On Christmas Eve, his parents are proud of his sacrifice.
    • Then when Santa comes, he rewards Kenan by giving him the bike.
  • Kel saying he'll give Kenan half of his 64,000,000 Lottery winnings because he doesn't want to be a millionare without him.
  • Kel fakes being Kyra's boyfriend to put the Alpha Bitch in her place.