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YMMV: Kenan & Kel
  • Cargo Ship: Kel loves orange soda a lot.
  • Ear Worm: What 90's kid DIDN'T get the opening song stuck in their head from time to time?
  • Harsher in Hindsight - When Kenan and Kel made a cameo in the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie, they made a joke about how their show wasn't gonna be canceled anytime soon after hearing about the toons' first show. Kenan and Kel was canceled three months before the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie was released. Granted, the timing of that joke could've been on purpose; The final season of the show is very much aware that it's ending, and they were probably starting on it when filming that scene.
  • Idiot Plot: Everybody in the restaurant in "Freezer Burned" wouldn't have got themselves trapped in the freezer if any of them actually knew where the bathroom was, even with the messed up sign. Also, they would have got out sooner if any one of them actually payed attention to the door if it was going to be opened by someone.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Kenan's dad, especially in "Get the Kel Outta Here" Kel also qualifies in the same episode.
  • .Memetic Mutation
    • *sigh* Seriously, TV Tropes? Who loves orange soda?
      • Kel loves orange soda!
      • Is it true?
      • Mmm-hmmmm I do, I do, I doo-oo!
    • Don't forget the time he....dropped a the tuna!
    • WHYYY!?
  • The Scrappy: Due to Flanderization, Kel in later seasons.
  • Squick Really, just about any thing involving Chris's mother: "Mother loves mashed potatoes, she'll gum these right down!" Or, "I'm so depressed, I'm going to go home and shave mother..." Or the fact that Chris would keep her foot scrapings for really no reason...
  • What an Idiot: Kel has so many moments of these that it pushes him to Scrappy Territory.

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