Headscratchers / Kenan & Kel

  • "The Tainting Of The Screw" is a great episode, but there's one glaring problem with it. TORT REFORM. DOES ANYBODY ON THIS SHOW HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THAT IS? I'm sure things have changed since the 1990s, but come on, you are not going to get $10 million because there's a screw in your tuna. Chris's cousin, who is a lawyer, apparently doesn't know what it is either, which is even worse, because a good lawyer should know about things like that. The executives at Luna Tuna gave a much more reasonable offer for this kind of situation (they started at $1,000 and then went to $5,000; which seems right. Thanks to Kenan's... attitude, they go up to $1,000,000. ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Yet Kenan decides to take them to court anyway for what, $9,000,000 more than what they offered?) Also, we never see Kel drop the screw in the tuna. Watch carefully: Kenan gets the can of tuna out of the pantry (which, for some reason, is opened already. Aren't you supposed to drain that stuff first?), Kel hands him the mustard, he makes the sandwich. Unless Kel deliberately put the screw in to mess with Kenan, which seems unlikely, his outburst during the trial just seems wrong.
    • You do realize this was a show aimed at kids, right? Not, you know, Law and Order where this sort of thing is going to be paramount?
    • Also, if you take a look around, you can find a lawsuit for X million dollars for something taken out of proportion on just about every third magazine tabloid at a supermarket. Or to sum it up: Frivolous Lawsuit, at its' finest. And Kenan rejecting the offer isn't that surprising given how carried away he can get with his schemes. Finally, if someone's related to Chris and his mother, you've already surrendered your right to work with someone professional by hiring them.
    • It's born from pure Fridge Brilliance at its finest, as both Kenan and Kel would assume multi-million dollar settlements are the norm, since they're teenagers and unlikely to understand that such isn't the case.
  • In "The Raffle", why was Kenan charged by Crazy Betty for Kel breaking his expensive camera? Kel was the one who broke it, so he should have been charged instead.
  • In the film finale "Two heads are better than none" wasn't the villain "the Headless knight" technically the bodiless knight? Unless the headless knight was a separate entity from the head (Arthur). The head still seemed to be sentient and in control without the body referring to it as an idiot etc. Also what does a Caucasian headless knight need with a black (and black female) head? Does the connection to the body made the head inexplicably evil and head hungry?
    • I want to know why there was a medieval castle in the west, let alone in the United states. Also is Bethel the sister of the head (-less knight) or the body; if so how is she alive? Does the gene for eyelidlessness also count for longevity?
  • Why is Kenan even friends with Kel? Seriously, Kenan's schemes are doomed to fail from the beginning, but Kel just screws everything up to such a degree, he makes Gilligan look competent. Why didn't Kenan ditch him a long time ago?