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Japeth the Goat is a secret agent
He works for that Happily Ever After Agency that Twitchy talked about.

The evidence: he's Crazy-Prepared for anything, including a quick getaway route; he's faking an eccentric facade (it slips once at the very beginning); and he's the only minor character from the first movie to get a role in the second.

Soul Jars or past-changing time travel (or soul jars in the form of past-changing Save Points) exist in the continuity of Hoodwinked.
"...unless you've got a spare, you've only got one life to live so always be prepared". Out of context, and possibly in context, it sounds like Japeth was singing about a literal spare life, as in a Soul Jar that uses an extra soul instead of keeping your only one safe from harm. However, in context it makes more sense the way a video game character or a time traveler has extra lives, in that they have a "do-over".

The Pucket family are deescendants of Those Who Came Before from the Assassin'sCreed series
This explains how young girls and old grannies can be a Black Belt and a top league extreme sports athlete respectively

In the sequel...
Okay, we have two little kids named Hansel and Gretel who tried to eat an old witch's house of gingerbread. She ties them up and presumably holds them hostage. There's Three Little Pigs that the cause mayhem and use explosives and weapons on the heroes from the first movie. Now, considering how the first movie went... The Three Little Piggies are a terrorist squad of some sort working for Hansel and Gretel. The evil witch is actually an undercover cop of some sort, or otherwise a paranoid baker who the evil siblings want to steal something important from, similar to Boingo.
  • That looks likely...I know Trailers Always Lie, but one commercial shows the siblings with rather devious expressions, with Hansel shouting "You've been hoodwinked!" ...and then Gretel adds "Two!"
    • Were they in a room full of monitors? I just saw that trailer a few minutes ago. I immediately pointed at it and started screaming I Knew It.
  • Your guess about the pigs is correct, but the part about the witch has been Jossed.

At some point, Red and Wolf will hook up.
  • Yeah, my shipper goggles appear at the strangest of times. In the first movie, during the scene in the woods, it just seemed so obvious to me that Red had something of a crush on Wolf. In the second movie, Red still looked the same, but there were a lot of subtle implications she was now an older teenager or a young adult and Wolf was definitely crushing on her. Granny and Twitchy seemed to be playing Shippers on Deck. Whether others consider this a Crack Pairing or not, I stand by my ship, and if there's a Hoodwinked 3 and they don't end up an Official Couple, I'm calling shenanigans.

The film takes place somewhere in Colorado or Wyoming
The environments of the film seem to remind me of trips I've taken into the Rocky Mountains (this troper lives in Colorado). The vistas of snow-capped peaks in the distance during Red's treehouse scene almost bear a striking resemblance to views I've seen of the mountains around Yellowstone National Park. And mountain views like one that is a background shot when Red is approaching Japeth's shack remind me of the areas around Vail Pass in Colorado.

Wolf is from Zootopia
Because why not. He even wears pants and doesn't wear any shoes like most Zootopians.
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