Awesome / Hoodwinked

  • Red interrupting Boingo's conversation with Dolph when she infiltrates the lair at the summit terminal, after having the guts to ride clinging to the underside of the tram car.
    Boingo: [talking to Dolph] You see how it works, Dolph? You prioritize, you set your goals, you write a mission statement. You ask yourself, "Where do I see me in five years?"
    Red Puckett: How about behind bars? [Boingo freezes, turns around and sees Red standing at the bottom of the ramp, glaring at him]
    Boingo: Red! Oh! Hey, Red! What are you— you've spoiled the surprise!
    Red Puckett: You're the bandit!
    Boingo: [pause] Surprise!
  • She loses to him in a fight, but her determination to seize Granny's recipes from Boingo and put up a fight is plain awesome.
  • Talk about Granny. She manages to outrun a rushing AVALANCHE she set off herself, on a snowboard. Of course, ignoring the fact that it nearly collects Red's mine cart farther downwind, but still, quite impressive.
  • The entire cable car rescue. Also, Granny's fight in the cave is quite impressive.
  • Red's escape from the Wolf. She is scared into running when he roars right in her face (which, as we later learn, is his reaction to the sudden pain of his tail getting caught in Twitchy's camera). She seems to be home free, when the Wolf, who has overtaken her in a taxicab, suddenly emerges from behind another tree. Without hesitation, Red whips out a mace can and sprays the Wolf right in the eyes, and before the Wolf can defend himself, she starts kicking and punching him viciously (which itself is a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, considering that Red is the Forest Regional Karate Champion, and the Wolf is a Non-Action Guy).
    • Interestingly, in Red's version, she just sprays the wolf, then runs away, looking much more innocent and cute.
  • Nicky Flippers sure knows how to spill the beans ("Beans?").