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Tear Jerker: Hoodwinked
  • In the fight scene between Red and Boingo, he makes the last hit and knocks Red down. She was almost about to cry afterwards. It may not be THAT tearjerking but you may feel sorry for her.
    • Red has some good reasons to be upset, besides losing a fight and getting hurt. She has just learned that one of her friends actually is not one of her friends, and before that she learned that her grandmother has been misleading her, living a life that Red probably would have liked to experience for herself.
  • Two songs are designed in such ways they could become tearjerkers. The first is "Little Boat" by Daniel Rogers, which is the song that plays as Red is riding her bike past a number of shuttered stores, and also plays over her treehouse scene. It is supposed to be a song about reminiscing, which probably makes it appropriate for the scene in question - Red musing about what she is unable to do.

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