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The original movie contains examples of:

  • All-Star Cast: Funnily, this wasn't planned to happen. Originally, a few actors voiced two characters: Tara Strong voiced Red and Zorra, a member of Granny's ski team. David Ogden Stiers voiced Flippers as well as Kirk (if this had stayed, Flippers interviewing Kirk would essentially be one guy interviewing himself). The Edwards brothers' associate Tony Leech voiced Det. Bill Stork, Sally Struthers voiced Granny, Joel McCrary as Chief Grizzly, and Tom Kenny was Woolworth. Only a few of the original cast roles were kept - such as Patrick Warburton's role as the Wolf and Andy Dick's role as Boingo.
  • Billing Displacement: Dolph shows up on the police lineup poster, which is odd because he doesn't even appear until the second half. Especially odd in that he is not played by a name celebrity, and holds a sign displaying "Xzibit as Chief Grizzly." Twitchy also holds a sign advertising Anthony Anderson as Bill Stork, both minor characters but more major than Dolph. Flippers appears but David Ogden Stiers' name does not, and Boingo is completely absent (which probably helps hide the plot twist). Needless to say, it is an odd poster.
  • Cut Song:
    • "Be Prepared" is much longer on the soundtrack - with an extra running of the chorus before the bit where Gaither slides down the scale that is not in the final film or the deleted scenes. The deleted scenes version runs an additional eight seconds, with some extra lines added in near the beginning where Japeth steps closer to Red and then eats a rose before the bit where he tips a chair over.
    • Not exactly cut so much as truncated, but "Great Big World," Red's song, is much longer on the soundtrack - the first verse, the chorus, then a second verse and a refrain of the chorus. In the film, we see all of the first verse (shots of Red riding her bike), but as soon as Red is carried across a stream by hummingbirds, the scene cuts to her on her bike overlooking a valley and the song's refrain. The first run of the chorus and the second verse were animated fully and can be viewed in context on the deleted scenes (the chorus is sung by some beavers riding a log downstream as Red rides on the shore, while Red sings the second verse while she makes deliveries).
  • Deleted Scenes: The deleted scenes on the DVD release extend several of the songs. You can also listen to the full versions if you buy the soundtrack:
    • An extra verse in "Great Big World", with shots of Red actually making deliveries (her role as a delivery girl has the feel of an Informed Attribute in the full film because there, we only see shots of Red riding her bike, singing to herself and exchanging greetings with passersby). The verse is spliced in between the shots of Red's bike being carried over the river by the hummingbirds and her coming to a stop at the top of a cliff overlooking a valley.
    • An additional verse in the "Schnitzel Song". The shot of the kids cheering and throwing their schnitzel sticks into the air doesn't make sense in the final cut. In the deleted scene, they are shown to be throwing them up in ovation to watching Kirk and two children tap-dancing on a stage.
    • An additional verse to "Tree Critter" prior to the ski race.
    • The restoration of about five seconds of audio to "Be Prepared", which inserts a shot of Japeth biting down on a tulip after Red says, "That's great, but could you just help me find my Granny's house?" and before the shot of Japeth standing on a chair that tips over. Due to its cutting location, in the final film, Red can be heard speaking although her lips aren't moving for about a second once the music starts. It's still missing a running of the chorus right before the part where Gaither slides down a scale.
  • Executive Meddling: The Weinstein Bros. had the songs cut down because they felt that audiences would be impatient with them. Anyone who viewed the full songs in the DVD bonus content will strongly disagree:
    • The second verse of Red's song "Great Big World" and Kirk's "Schnitzel song"
    • A verse in the song Japeth sings in his shack was cut. The cut was at such a point that Red starts to say something that is cut off when the angle changes.
  • Name's the Same: "Be Prepared" is not a Villain Song, is it? Oh, wait, that was something else.
  • Orphaned Reference: The cut first chorus and second verse of "Great Big World" left a couple of these. The line "goodies make the woods go round" comes back when Red says "Woods don't go round by themselves", which just sounds random out of context, and the full line isn't repeated until the Villain Song near the end. The shot of her being carried across the river by a flock of birds is the part of the sequence the Wolf is seen observing during his version of the story, which becomes a rare alternate-angle shot that doesn't match up with anything but at least explains the second Call-Back when Nicky says she was "flying a flock of birds without a permit".
  • Similarly Named Works: Japeth the Goat's song about being . . . well . . . prepared, shares the same title as Scar's Villain Song.
  • Those Two Actors: Bill Hader and Amy Poehler also starred together in the movie Inside Out.
  • Throw It In:
    • Boingo's rant to Keith instructing the dude to change his name to Boris because "Keith" isn't scary enough was ad-libbed by Andy Dick.
    • Ben Folds added the piano riff to "Red Is Blue" to give the song more depth.
  • What Could Have Been: You have to wonder what would have happened had the Weinstein Company not ordered the recasting of a number of main characters' voices. In the finished film, Tara Strong has a bit role as Zorra, the fox on Granny's ski team. As the film was originally cast, she also voiced Red before Anne Hathaway did. David Ogden Stiers voices Flippers, and also used to voice Kirk. The Edwards brothers' associate Tony Leech voiced Det. Bill Stork before Anthony Anderson. Emmy-winning actress Sally Struthers voiced Granny before Glenn Close did. Only a few of the original cast roles were kept when Executive Meddling set in - such as Patrick Warburton as the Wolf and Andy Dick as Boingo. And Japeth almost got recast.
    • All of the songs were shortened on direct order from the Weinstein Brothers, which ruined a lot of Back Story and some great lyrics.

The sequel contains examples of: