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Identified reincarnations of the Avatar

The Avatar is related to The Avatar
Sometime after the events depicted in Oban Star Racers, Avatar Jordan realized that a single being having that much power was a bad idea, and decided to divide the powers so each planet would have its own (much weaker) avatar. He also made it so that when an avatar died his/her avatar spirit would transfer to someone else as opposed to determining the next avatar via a race.
  • Alternatively, it's the other way around after several generations of avatars, one was powerful enough to maintain balance throughout the universe galaxy, be for most intents and purposes immortal , and could even alter the nature of the avatar cycle. He/She feared that the next avatar would become corrupted by the avatar's power and created the Great Race of Oban to decide on a successor rather then relying fate/luck/the-avatar-spirit's-judgment. (Presumably, people who were likely to become corrupted would try to kill their opponents during the race if they thought they could get away with it. Furthermore, those same people would be more likely to be sabotaged by angered teammates).
  • Given the fact that the Avatar is unable to leave Oban, and the presence of monkey/lions (called "Drudgers") we can conclude that Oban is the planet that Avatar: The Last Airbender takes place on.
  • Ah, but are either related to The Avatar? Or even... THE OTHER ONE! Avatar, the one on the moon Pandora, of Jupiter (Well, the big storm LOOKS about the size of 3 Earths.)

The planet that they live on is Pandora a million years in the past.