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The upper part of Botlantis is a physical representation of all the various dark addresses in existence.
  • Protista, before he became sealed within the Hall of Banterous Bosses, but after becoming a gigantic troll, broke internet physics twice. How? Well, the first time was by turning his own continent into a gate for what is best described as the combination of every dark address that exists today. Because these are servers and computers that are incapable of being reached normally, they have become a prime breeding ground for bots, who usually access other parts of the internet by having a temporary connection made to still accessed parts of the internet. As Prelich goes down further and further, he begins accessing older and older dark addresses, explaining why the bots get more and more powerful, as they have had more and more time to adjust and perfect themselves. However, even the bots fear the result of Protista's second internet physics shattering event, which leads to the next WMG.

The lower part of Botlantis is a physical representation of the Deep Web.
  • Protista, not satisfied with trolling the Chaos Theater, decides to pull the ultimate troll maneuver, and troll his own creation. By completely wrecking every last bit of internet physics at the physical manifestation of the first ever dark address to come into existence, he created a gate to the very deepest parts of the Deep Web. It was this that caused Krazier to decide enough was enough and seal Protista away into the Hall of Banterous Bosses. But the damage was done, and there was what was best described as a gaping hole in the internet remaining. The Admins, deciding to make the best of it, put the recently made Goat of Chaos there, and used the stone of the Banhammer to seal Lower Botlantis off from the rest of Botlantis.

The Lolrus is actually a (mostly) benevolent Botlantean Abomination.
  • This thing is literally one of the most powerful entities in the entire game, that so much as pissing him off guarantees your death. Let's not forget that he literally warps all the way from the Village of Flame (in the Chaos Theatre) to Castle Camelslayer (in Hell) when he somehow figures out that you finished the main quest without finishing his Fetch Quest. Oh, and he can break the fourth wall. Also, Cthulhu (who is definitely in Botlantis) is one of the few enemies in the game that can absorb damage from the Lolrus summon, and the Lolrus himself is based on a long forgotten internet meme.

Prelich is actually a woman!
  • Because it totally needs to happen! And because the Chaos Theater came up with this on a livestream.

The Lolrus decended from Heaven.
  • And he did this because no one else was there and it was boring as F**k.

Prelich can break the fourth wall...

The Autarch Of Flame's YouTube videos will have an arc that sets up the game's plot...

Felix Falora created all of the abominations within Botlantis save for Cthulhu, Phantoon, and the Goat of Chaos...
  • It was discussed between the admins how Lower Botlantis might've come about and a minor theory involving Felix Falora is that he was the one who corrupted the lower depths of Botlantis during a feud with Protista. The power Felix Falora used called Cthulhu out of the city of Ry'leh and, seeing how powerful Felix already was, gave him even more power in exchange for his servitude. Felix Falora used this power to create some of the more well known abominations like Legion, Giygas, and Neo Exdeath. However, one abomination was in the midst of being created when Krazier, Rince, and Protista defeated Felix Falora in the fateful League of Legends game that culminated in him losing his marbles, causing this abomination to be finished as Missigno. It is possible that Missingno was intended to be the strongest of Felix Falora's creations, seeing as its Water Gun attack can be a One Hit Wonder if not the most pathetic attack in the game, causing it to be a good source of Paranoia Fuel. After Felix Falora was turned into Psychotic Nekomata, the horrors he created were sealed away within Botlantis, never to be seen or spoken of again... at least until Prelich beats Protista and takes the Banhammer Gem so he can reforge the Banhammer, allowing those who wish to venture deeper into Botlantis to do so because he's a moron.