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It'll be about Dory trying to figure out who she is and restore her memory.
So, the title does still fit in that finding her is the plot of the film, just not physically like in Finding Nemo.
  • It appears the movie will confront the issue surrounding Dory's family, so it looks confirmed.

We'll actually MEET members of Dory's family.
Well, why not?
  • Confirmed.

Dory will end up in the Arctic.
Considering the kelp forest, the presence of a beluga whale character, and the fact that Pixar execs changed the ending after viewing a documentary on orcas in captivity...

Dory's memory problems don't actually run in her family.
We'll be shown where they actually come from.
  • Supported by the trailer, which seems to imply that Dory might have actually suppressed some of her memories.

Some of the characters will end up in an open ocean sanctuary.
Until the filmmakers saw Blackfish, the movie was going to end with some of the characters going to a Seaworld-type theme park, but the ending is being altered. Perhaps they're going to end up in more of an ocean animal sanctuary where they're fed and people come to see them, but they can come and go as they please.

Marlin and Dory will become an Official Couple.

A tribute to Leah, a Littlest Cancer Patient that Ellen met on her show, will be worked into the film
For those who don't know, Ellen asked Leah how she keeps positive during her treatment, and she replied that a little fish told her to "just keep swimming". After Leah died that phrase was constantly brought up on Twitter, with someone even suggesting that an In Memoriam credit be put in the film because she knew how to "keep swimming". Either that or a minor character will be based on her.

Dory's family can speak whale. Like for real.
And it was her parents who taught Destiny and Baily, two announced characters that are different whale species, to speak to fish like them. Dory thinking she could talk to the whale was residual thoughts about her parents ability and them possibly teaching Destiny when they first met.
  • It's more likely that Destiny taught Dory how to speak whale.

The Tank Gang will be the comic relief this time around.

Nemo will hear about other cases of humans taking more exotic fish as pets.
And he will not be happy in the slightest. It'll be a veiled, Take That at the people who began buying their kids exotic fish and doing more harm to their habitats after they saw the movie back in the day. There may even be a scene of Pixar employees telling the parents to not buy their kids regal blue tangs, clownfish, or any of the new fish presented in the film, because that would defeat the purpose of the message and even plot of the films and that they should know better.
  • Of course, there's the other side where captivity is the only place left for the animal's continued survival. Hence why many zoos and aquariums have breeding programs. Also habitat loss is a serious problem.
    • It seems likely that Dory was bred in captivity and released into the wild as some kind of conservation program, so there's a good chance the movie will address this. Plus one character, Bailey, seems to be there as a rescue case. Also, after the filmmakers watched Blackfish, they made changed the ending from one where a character ends up in total captivity, to one where they have the option to leave. It seems likely the film won't paint marine life captivity in a totally negative light.

Nemo will rap.
But the other characters will dislike Nemo's rapping and tell him he isn't suited for it. Thus preventing Hayden Rolence from wanting to be a rapper as a teen despite being in a society that seems to encourage people who shouldn't rap to rap.

Dory's amnesia is going to be a source of angst
In the story, we'll learn that Dory's memory problems are the result of a traumatic accident. Suddenly, her forgetfulness stops being funny. After meeting her family, Dory's going to suffer a Heroic BSOD over the fact that once she leaves, she'll end up forgetting them. These will lead her into a very painful choice. Stay with Marlin, forget her family, or stay with her family, and forget Marlin. The solution would either be an Asspull that fixes her memory problems. Or possibly something beautiful, like a photo or a letter, that ensures she won't ever forget who she leaves behind.

Nemo won't come along for the adventure
In the trailer only Marlin can be seen with the turtles, Nemo is nowhere to be found. Even though Marlin stopped being so overprotective he might still have some issues about his son venturing that far from home's safety.
  • Jossed, new trailers show Nemo is along for the ride.

Dory was released into the wild as part of a breeding program.
It would explain how she knows how to read human language and how generally inept she is in a natural environment. She was released in her ancestral home to replenish the Blue Tang population but she wasn't really "educated" in how to survive like a wild animal (the people who released her probably assumed that instincts would take over from there).
  • She does seem to have survived in the ocean just fine. While she has memory problems, she's not really inept. Though it doesn't disprove the theory, it is the most reasonable explanation as to how a fish bred in California ended up in her natural home waters of Australia.

There will be an anglerfish hypnotist.
At one point, maybe Dory will need to see a hypnotist for one reason or another, maybe for a memory jog. Having the hypnotist be an anglerfish would make sense, taking the Alluring Anglerfish from the last movie into account.

Before the film starts, there will be a PSA telling audiences not to buy fish on impulse.
When the first movie was released, there was a spike in demand for tropical aquarium fish. This not only harmed wild populations, but many of the fish purchased died quickly due to improper care. This time around, Pixar may directly tell audiences that saltwater fish require a lot of care, and they should instead go to an aquarium or the ocean to see them.

Dory will have to make a decision between her friends and her family.
Dory's goal is to find her family, but after she does, she will have to make a decision as to whether to stay with her family at the Institute, or return to the Reef with Marlin and Nemo.

Or, there just might be a third option that allows for her to switch between the two every so often. (The third option could also be either Dory's family moving to the reef with Marlin and Nemo, or Marlin and Nemo moving to the Institute with Dory.)

Marlin and Nemo will find Dory's parents first.
However, Dory will somehow get separated from them, but they are eventually reunited with the help of Hank, Bailey and Destiny.